• Closet Project: Kindall Almond

    Take a look inside the closets of some of our most fashion-forward employees.  Here we go deep in South Philly to talk fashion with our women's design intern Kindall Almond, one of last year's Designed By: Pratt Institute winners.

    Introduce yourself!
    I’m Kindall. I’m originally from Denver, Colorado but I’ve been living in Brooklyn, NY for the past four years. I’m currently a women’s design intern at Urban, working mostly in denim and washed casuals, and woven top and dresses.

    Where do you go to school?
    I’m about to go into my senior year at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. I started as a fine art major but switched over in my second semester in the Fashion Design program.

    You're subletting for the summer in Philadelphia, where are you located in the city?
    I found my apartment on Craigslist, and it turned out to be perfect, besides the fact it’s far away from almost everything except for work. But South Philly is weird in a way that I prefer, it’s more like where I live in Brooklyn than other areas of Philly. There are some really good cheap diners in the area, and there’s always somewhere to park so I really can’t complain.

    Describe your style in five words.
    Picked up off the floor.

    Who are some of your favorite designers and brands?
    Much like the way I dress, the designers and brands I like are all over the place. I love good men’s streetwear, but I also love really high end conceptual design, especially Japanese design. I’ve settled somewhere in the middle on Kenzo being my favorite designer of right now. They can seriously do no wrong in my book.

    Do you thrift? Any favorite spots in New York or Philly?
    I’m poor so naturally I do lots of thrifting. Usually I just stick to the good ol' Salvation Army which is huge and right around the corner from my apartment. But I love military vintage. Kaufmans in Manhattan is great, there’s military vintage literally in piles in that store, even on the ceiling. Urban Jungle in Bushwick also has a great military selection (coveralls!) as well as a couple like Metropolis or Tokyo 7 in Manhattan. I’ve only been to a couple here in Philly, but AIDS Thrift off South St. was cool, and really inexpensive. Shout out to the Goodwill on Oregon.

    Choose a few of your favorite items and tell us about them!
    I got my railroad short-alls at Metropolis in NY, I had been looking for the exact pair for a few months.  They're ”Vintage” Gap. I’m a big fan of overalls and coveralls, it’s my tomboy solution to an easy dress that you wear over everything. I’m also an advocate for anything without a real waist band.

    The crochet tank top was my grandmothers. I have two, they hung at home in the closet forever until a few years ago when I found them. I’m really bad at picking out shirts so I wear them all summer long, just rotating them.

    These pants are the best pants I’ve ever owned. They’re RRL, and I stole them from my ex-boyfriend who wears the same size pants as me. (If you’ve never dated someone the same size as you, especially one with a huge closet, I highly recommend it.) It has military reinforced seams and pockets everywhere. They’re like a tight fitting, flattering cargo pant which is really hard to find. Everything down to rivets on the center from seam makes me so happy.

    I made Lady Guadalupe when I was in school last semester. I saw the fabric in a window on 34th St. and bought it immediately. I love all types of button up shirts and I couldn’t imagine it anywhere else; the opposite panels and how the sleeves lined up with one another was too perfect. I’ve never made anything so vibrant.

    I got this jacket at a Buffalo Exchange in Denver. I always browse the men’s sections first, and the green wool was calling my name from the rack. It’s completely reversible to a beige cotton side, down to the snaps and ribbed collar and cuffs and pockets. Two jackets in one.

    These pants are Alexander Wang, I got them from the Barneys CO-OP in SoHo. I like them because they play into the girlier part of me. They’re sparkly (surprise! I love sparkles) but they’re a simple trouser with a great fit and the softest lining I’ve ever felt. And they’re really comfortable. I wear them with everything when it’s chillier outside.

    What would we find you wearing on a typical day?
    On a typical day I’m usually wearing shorts and a tank top because it’s hot as hell here. Usually denim cutoffs but I love athletic shorts. Any chance it’s cool enough I wear a pair of trousers. I love short sleeved button ups, and long sleeved t-shirts, usually with a pair of platforms (probably my new silver favorites from Mishka) and socks, and always a pair of round sunglasses.

    What's something you would never be caught dead in?
    I told myself I would never say I hated a color or a silhouette again, because I always like it later. We always come back around and I don’t like having to eat my words.

    What's your outlook on fashion?
    You should wear whatever you feel like wearing that day. Sometimes I feel like dressing like a little boy, otherdays I want to be Sporty Spice. Being comfortable in yourself and what you’re wearing translates to how we look. Clothes shouldn’t be serious. And always: The more pockets the better.

    Interview by Ally Mullen

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