• Class of 2017: Samia Hampstead

    With eyes ahead to the new year, we brought together the fresh new faces that are challenging the status quo. Artists, activists, and musicians, our Class of 2017 is forging the path ahead with hope and optimism.

    “Pay attention to the world around you, to the people around you,” advises Samia Hampstead. The 21-year-old student and model tells us about her hopes for the world in 2017. 

    Age: 21
    Occupation: Student, Model, Sister
    Sign: Libra
    Senior Superlative: Class Clown

    Who is Samia Hampstead?
    Sami Hampstead is a student, a big sister, a very tall person, obsessed potato lover. Samia is just a 20-something trying to make it, trying to get through life. 

    What’s the last beautiful thing you created? 
    I have younger sisters who look up to me whether I want them to or not. My younger sister was having trouble with her self-esteem issues, and I wanted to make her feel great about herself. So I took a bunch of pictures of her and put them on my social media, and it made her feel really good about herself. When people feel good about themselves, it’s beautiful. So I got to capture that on camera. It made both of us feel great. 

    Photo by Logan Jackson

    What’s something fascinating that you’ve learned lately? 
    I hate to sound cliché, but I've been learning how to love and like myself as a person, as an individual, as a creator, as a model, all that good stuff. So it's a learning process, and hopefully I get to the end soon.

    Who keeps you going? 
    Definitely my younger sisters, they're five and seven years younger than I am. There's a pretty large gap, but we're kind of close at the same time. I just want to be someone worth looking up to, and so that's why I don't do really dumb things, and I'm striving for greatness. So I want them to see that, also follow in their own way.

    What do you hope for yourself in 2017? 
    In a kind of vain way, I want to see myself on billboards and magazines and spreads, but I also want to be talking about something important, because I feel if I have a platform and then people are listening to me, I want them to hear something that's worth listening to. Something they can learn from. 

    What do you hope for the world in 2017? 
    I want them to start learning from each other. I feel like everyone's talking but no one's listening or people are listening to absolutely nothing. I just want people to start working together and actually accomplish something for the world, so that everyone benefits.

    What new ideas do you think will help bring people together? 
    It’s not a new idea, but equality. I feel like everyone’s talking about it, everyone wants everybody to be equal, but for some reason that’s just not happening. I feel like people are just not listening to each other. just think that if everyone has a voice, then we should be working together and uplifting each others' voices, not putting anyone down or anything like that.

    Say something to your generation. 
    Pay attention to the world around you, people around you. I feel like everyone needs to be aware. Representation matters. It’s really important for teenage girls, especially, to look in the media see somebody who looks like them and feel represented in a way. There’s a lot of misrepresentation or no representation at all. And I just want that to be fixed. 

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