• Camp Style: Heavyweights

    Heavyweights is a seminal coming of age story about a group of husky bros who just want to ride go-karts and enjoy some candy but can't because the new asshole camp director is trying to make them lose weight for his infomercial. It's also one of only three good Ben Stiller movies. And whoa, Heavyweights was co-written by Judd Apatow? No wonder I remember it fondly (and actually, re-watching it as an "adult," I caught way more of the dark humor that went way over my boyish head.) 

    More importantly, Heavyweights was made smack dab in the middle of the '90s. It has Kenan! And Goldberg from Mighty Ducks! The 1995 film serves as a perfect time capsule of that glorious decade's best summer trends, many of which have probably reappeared in recent years among members of your hip young peer group. Angelo

    The hot new nurse in denim mom shorts and the short striped tee. Takes me back. 

    Lifestyles of the cozy, Goldberg's iconic Adidas sweatsuit. 

    Again, bucket hats are camping, but I'm more interested in Jerry Stiller's next-level short-sleeved popover with the anorak pocket. 


    The only thing more awkward than a middle school dance: a fat camp dance. 

    This girl is listed as "Angelic Girl," which is a pretty bad ass credit to have. 

    And how do you land an angelic girl? With a Les Mis shirt!

    Blossom hat! Nothing is more '90s than a Blossom hat. Nothing. 

    Ben looking like Jerry Seinfeld on steroids and generally not someone I would let watch my kids. 

    Kenan in Stussy and a Marley tee, very real. 

    Ben actually looking like dudes I see in Portland, running tights and Nikes. 

    Very camp, very rugged.