• Camp Style: Goosebumps

    The Goosebumps TV show from 1995 is on Netflix and well, okay, maybe it's a little light on actual style, but that doesn't diminish the fact that Goosebumps is on Netflix! I just re-watched the epic two-part "Welcome to Camp Nightmare," and um, sure it wasn't as good or scary as I remember, but who cares, nostalgia is the most powerful force in the world. Besides, the epic miniseries featured ample flannel, a bevy of bowl cuts and even a chain wallet. When are chain wallets coming back? Anytime now, right? I'll be waiting. —Angelo

    "Sup boo? I like your denim vest."

    This is the '90s I remember...but would like to forget. 

    But this guy looks like your friend who plays synth in a cool electro-country band.

    Damn, aside from sunglass bro, these guys pretty much have my wardrobe down pat. 

    Expertly cast doucher teenage camp counselors. Bowl cut rating 9/10. 

    I told you bucket hats were great for camping!