• Brands We Love: Tallow

    Tallow, a women's brand that draws its inspiration from the vitality of female surfing, is based in Byron Bay and no stranger to Australian surf culture. Aimed at bringing the surf community's message of freedom, individuality, and self-expression out of the water and into the world, brand founders Ali Mandalis and Shannon Clynes create clothes that blend their fashion-forward eye with a laid-back attitude. With summer kicking off into high gear, we spoke to Shannon to get the low-down on the store down under.
    Interview by Natalie Shukur

    What motivated you to start Tallow? 
    Ali had been drawing swimwear designs that reflected functional aspects of a suit for surfing and she came to me with the notion to produce them for some local girls in Byron Bay as they were saying it was difficult to find functional feminine swimwear. From there, I joined her in forming a brand based around this one drawing! We had both been discussing for some time doing a business together with a surf flavor and we put our heads together and created Tallow. 

    How would you describe the brand's style and vision? 
    The style is most definitely art-based swimwear with functional components. Our wetsuits are contemporary but authentic for surfers and apparel is designed under an "apres surf" ethos. 

    When did you learn to surf? 
    My parents love the beach lifestyle and so they introduced me and taught me about the ocean from the age of two. Surfing and beach culture has been part of my life since day one. 

    Tell us about the beautiful community of Byron Bay you're a part of and how that inspires you! 
    Byron is one of the global epicenters for women's surfing. Most women in Byron surf and if they don't, they live by and enjoy all our little surf town has to offer. When you paddle out at any given break in Byron you see a handful of girls wearing our suits and that is the most inspiring moment for producing a brand. 

    Do you have a motto or philosophy that you live by? 
    Community is back and surfing is an all day affair! 

    What makes Tallow unique? 
    Tallow has creative freedom in our designs and marketing imagery. We stay true to our foundations and stick to what we know best: swimwear and apparel for women who surf or simply enjoy the culture. 

    Who, what and where do you look to for inspiration? 
    Foreign cultures, small surf towns that aren't on the radar, undiscovered artists and people who are true to their destinies. 

    What's a typical day in the world of Tallow? 
    Every day is different! Running a business along with the constant creative train, we do our very best to make the most of every opportunity we can find. No one thing defines our day as it's an ever changing pace in fashion. We always make sure there's a positive flow in all parts of the business and creative process. 

    Do you listen to music in the Tallow studio? If so, what's currently playing?
    Mylee and the Milkshakes

    Who are the women that you feel best embody the Tallow lifestyle? 
    There's no barrier here on who best embodies it, but a woman who can throw together an outfit of something completely mismatched and pull it off rules! 

    What are you working on / looking forward to next? 
    We're about to release our Spring/Summer 15 lines and both Ali and I are very proud of how it's turned out. We feel its fabrication, prints and function has everything in a collection we ever wanted to produce! The collection is called Rapture which represents a euphoric feeling that you get whilst surfing or simply those good moments in life.