• Brands We Love: Molami

    Charles Eames said, "The details are not the details. They make the design." Such is true for  Molami, the Scandinavian headphone line intent on turning their high-quality, fashion-forward headphones into an being way more than just audio gear. Based in Stockholm, Molami's motto is "A world where sound is wearable." In other words, headphones are an accessory, mashing up their first job — perfect sound — with equally well-made materials and attention to design. From their slim cut and Napa leather wrapping to low distortion drivers for natural-sounding tones, Molami headphones look AND sound amazing...this is top of the line, friends. We dug in to share more about the headphones' meticulous design and the brand's function-meets-fashion concept. 

    The idea of Molami was sparked when the founders came up with the concept of designing headphones from a fashion standpoint. They eventually launched them exclusively in nine major international cities, and are just now able to be discovered more widely (word on the street is that Lana Del Rey, Sky Ferreira, and Alexa Chung all wear and love them…just saying). 

    Above: Molami worn by one of our friends and collaborators Ebba Davidsson of Tiny Bro

    Unlike most sound-canceling headphones, Molami's Plica style at UO is slim, light, and fit snugly — we had read that they were designed for "everyday wear," but didn't really know what that meant until we tried them on. They adjust to stay in place (no sliding around!), and are great to be worn while walking around — seriously, they are no more cumbersome than earbuds and are way more comfortable. If you're using them with your phone, they have a built-in microphone for picking up calls and while you're listening to music, you can also use the headphones to skip forward to the next song. 

    Above: three Instagram snaps via Molami's feed and regram photo credit to: @natashandlovu, @meetmeinparee, and Molami

    Design-wise, they're minimal but pay a high attention to the details, deeply rooted in contemporary Scandinavian design and high-quality materials like Japanese silk-satin, leather, and chiffon. The earpieces themselves are wrapped in soft black or white Napa leather and have tiny copper hardware accents. One of our favorite details is actually the cord — it's braided in twisted fabric to avoid tangling, a tiny design decision that is pretty genius. 

    As for sound performance, Molami takes things to the next level. They are strikingly clear (and they are noise-canceling!) thanks to low distortion drivers that provide deep bass and an overall clean, natural sound.

    Next up, the brand is going to be launching its newest Stitch model, "a tailored fashion and jewelry design inspired in-ear piece" available next month.

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