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    Six years ago, Lime Crime founder Doe Deere was living in New York City. Unable to find the bold makeup colors that she imagined herself wearing, Doe began experimenting with cosmetics on her own. "Since I couldn’t find the colors I liked anywhere, I decided to make them myself. [When making new products], I usually just go with what I feel. I aim to create what I feel is missing on the market." Six years later, Lime Crime, a company that began in an apartment, sells two types of lipstick, as well as lip gloss, eyeliner, an array of eyeshadows and even brightly colored nail polishes. Doe is a self-described animal lover, so everything the brand makes is also cruelty-free.

    Lime Crime, which Doe claims stands for "color revolution," wasn't always the cult product it is today. The beginning was slow, but word of mouth quickly spread the brand. "I didn’t think it was going to get as big as it did," Doe says. "I feel very lucky that that my little idea was embraced by so many people, giving me the opportunity to work for myself and create every day.

    After starting the company in New York City, Doe made the decision to relocate to L.A. three years ago and hasn't looked back. She and her team quickly acclimated to the city, and fell in love with everything the west coast has to offer. When asked her about her favorite places in L.A., Doe says, "Swingers Diner on Beverly Blvd. has got to be my favorite spot. I take all my friends there! Great food, cool people, and pop art decor." While the brand was born in NYC and will always have roots there, Doe feels the general vibe (and weather) in L.A. "suits the brand's sunny personality." Plus, the vintage shopping can't be beat.

    The brand now has its own office space in L.A. and is expanding faster than anyone could have dreamed. After seeing, first-hand, the huge crowd that Doe pulled in at a recent appearance at Space Ninety 8, we wondered: what exactly is it about Lime Crime that draws such fervent fans to it? "I think it’s because we’re different," says Doe. "We don’t hide our personality and try to fit in; instead, we flaunt it. I wanted to thank every one of the fans that came out to meet me and who cleaned out those shelves!"

    Even with such an active fan base, and even though Lime Crime has been a brand for six years now, it's still easy for them to fly under-the-radar. We see plenty of soon-to-be fans reaching out for product recommendations on the brand's Facebook page and wanted to find out what Doe herself would recommend to someone just discovering the brand. We found out she thinks "starting with the Unicorn Lipstick or the Velvetine liquid mattes" is the best plan, because with a rainbow of colors, there's something to suit everyone. (And, after testing out the Velvetine liquid mattes, we can confirm that they are, in fact, as awesome and long-lasting as everyone says they are.)

    When asked for the product she finds herself reaching for most often, Doe tells us that Red Velvet is her "go-to" lipstick. Since we were curious about the dark lipsticks in the line but unsure of how to wear them, Doe stepped in with some tips: "With ultra-dark lips, precision is everything. I recommend using a lip brush or lining your lips with a pencil. Then, slowly build color directly from the bullet."

    Of course, going forward, the brand has plans to only get bigger. Doe tells us that there will be a lot of new products coming soon (including a Velvetines expansion), and that will feature something eyeshadow lovers of the brand are going to be excited about.

    As for what Doe's currently thinking about? "I’m obsessed with Sons of Anarchy! It’s a show about an outlaw biker gang, and it’s so addictive. Don’t be surprised if there are some SOA-inspired shades this fall..."

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