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    Charlotte Cho, founder of the Korean beauty site and shop Soko Glam, is an expert when it comes to beauty. That's why we felt it was more than fitting to ask her about her favorite Korean beauty brand products. Here, she gives us the rundown on her favorites and how to use them. For more on Charlotte's own beauty routine, you can also read her recent About A Face interview!
    Photos by Alex Finch

    Kocostar Nail Therapy
    These are fun. I've tried several nail masks but the ones from Kocostar are the best of the best. You open the package and slip on the little finger masks one by one, and you can actually do things without making a mess while you pamper your fingers. It's because the moisturizing cream is actually confined to the inside of the mask (wet on the inside, dry on the outside), unlike other finger masks that are just drenched throughout. After 30 minutes, you just slip them off and chuck ‘em. It always leaves my cuticles super moisturized. None of that dry, cracked stuff that makes no manicure pretty.

    Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Sleek + Moist Mist
    The most sweet smelling toner (and again, so cutely packaged!). After cleansing, I spritz three times, once on my forehead, once on my left cheek and a final one on my right cheek. I use my finger tips to tap the toner throughout my face. It smells like a twist of floral and sweet candy, and is a perfect way to hydrate and prep my skin before using serums and moisturizers!

    Clio Lipnicure
    Looks like a pretty bottle of nail polish, but turns out its luscious color is for lips. One swipe for day, two swipes at night and I'm good to go. It's the focal point of my look. Love that it's buildable and glossy without having to add an extra product on top. It’s a simple way to brighten my face, especially when I don't have much other makeup on. Clio is my go-to Korean makeup brand because they have pigment down pat. (P.S. You must try their Waterproof Pen Liner. Holy grail status.)

    Goodal Super Seed Oil Plus Moisturizer
    After I cleanse, tone, and apply essence, I top off my routine with this moisturizer. The Goodal Super Seed line isn't oily even though it has the word "oil" on it. In fact, it has a refreshing gel-like consistency. I love its light, fresh fragrance and how it really calms and soothes my skin. It’s made with natural fermented ingredients, which I credit for making my skin smoother, brighter. My goal? Dewy, clear skin. This delivers.

    Skinfood Green Tea Foaming Cleanser
    Love the light, airy puffs that come out of this Skinfood cleanser. It's perfect for part two of my double cleanse, which I do daily. I use it after an oil cleanser morning and night, using gentle circular motions. It's super gentle (as cleansers should be) and chock full of green tea extracts (woo! antioxidants - little wonders that protect against free radical chemicals). Cleansing is always my favorite part of my skincare routine. There is so much pollution, makeup and gunk sitting on my face, it's satisfying knowing they’re thoroughly washed away.

    Skinfood Olive Oil Hair Essence
    HAIR ESSENCE! So important. When I lived in Seoul, my stylist always got on my case for not using hair essence on a daily basis. Think of it as a serum that nourishes and hydrates your hair. I found this Skinfood Olive Oil Hair Essence that makes my mane silky and shiny without any heaviness. Just two pumps in the palm of my hand, a quick rub so that it's evenly spread on my hands, and I smooth it through my hair. It only takes 30 seconds, but it makes my good hair day last.

    Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar
    The bunny ears are what initially drew me to this gloss, but now it's a staple in my bag because not only does it smell yummy, but with one swipe it gets my lips soft and offers a fun sheer tint.

    Skinfood Hydro Fitting Snail Mask Sheet
    Dehydration resulting in dry, flaky, dull skin is something I struggle with so I crave a hydration boost from time to time. The formula for this mask is made out of snail mucin, which gives me the hydration I need, and even helps fade acne scars. These microfiber sheets come as a set in a cute little box. I must have more than one handy at all times and packaging is everything when it’s this cute! These masks are travel-friendly and are an inexpensive way to pamper myself. After cleansing and toning, I align the sheet with my nose, eyes and lips, chill out for about 25 minutes, and then discard. Oh, and I never waste a drop of the extra formula still leftover in the packet, so I use that for my neck, shoulders and hands to keep them soft, too.

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