• Brands We Love: Klorane

    Let's talk about…French girl beauty. The ultimate in naturally made-up faces and perfectly messy hair. Basically just the ultimate, period. While we've accepted that we will never be a Gainsbourg, we're still happy to fake it (or at least fake the whole part about having casual-effortless hair) by using and abusing cult French beauty brands. Enter: Klorane, the beloved, plant-based line of French pharmacy hair products we can't get enough of. 

    Klorane makes THE dry shampoo. Really. If you're looking for your hair to have the texture and grit of third-day no-wash, but still have plenty of volume and not be a total greaseball…this stuff is gold. Until relatively recently, it was exclusively available in Europe, and we totally get why people are kind of freaking out that you can now find it stateside. The secret's out: it really really works. (And if you're curious + looking for a digital deep-dive, we highly recommend this handy video tutorial on how to most effectively use it.)

    Here's the quick history lesson — in 1966, a French pharmacist named Pierre Fabre came up with a then-novel idea: developing shampoos with active plant ingredients like chamomile and cornflower were the perfect, ultimately-healing antidote for weather-worn skin and hair. In 1972, Fabre took things a step further by expanding Klorane and developing the first-ever dry shampoo, which was intended to be used in a pinch when women weren't able to wash their hair. Fabre's discovery exploded, and his particular formula has become an international cult favorite. We don't say this lightly: Klorane is amazing. Just trust us, okay?

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