• Brands We Love: Cameo

    Australian brand Cameo is our go-to for bold cuts, and flattering shapes — their fun, feminine capsule collections are the perfect way to segue into party season, and we're excited to debut some styles in this week's UO lookbook! Even more interesting, the brand's head designer, Siham Elmawey, is just 22 years old. Siham was a student at TAFE SA fashion school when she was hired as an assistant designer at Cameo, and two years later became the brand's head designer. Talk about a dream opportunity! We caught up with her about her background, the Cameo girl, and Siham's love of both Beyonce and salted caramel ice cream. 

    Your background is so inspiring, especially becoming the head designer at such a young age! What were you like growing up?
    I have always been interested in clothing and thinking of ways that I can modify existing clothes. During my high school years I learned so much about textiles and fabrics by re-designing vintage pieces to sell at local markets. This led me into taking a course in fashion design and before I even finished I found myself working for Cameo!

    Above: Cameo Plexus Open-Back Top

    What's the best advice you've ever received?
    Relationships are so important in this industry. Ensure you build strong ones with everyone you work with and endeavour to maintain them...you will cross paths with people at different times of your career. Remember that!

    What's the best advice you've ever given?
    Work hard and set goals.

    Above: marbling meets texture — inspiration (and its manifestation in collections) from Cameo's Instagram feed

    Who are you designing for?
    She watches trends as closely as I do and is innovative with her styling. She changes her look each day and doesn’t wear outfits that are expected of her...a risk taker.

    What's your favorite trend at the moment? Least favorite?
    Favorite: That’s hard. There's many! One of my favorites would have to be the structured blazer with a heavy waist tie. Loving the tie trend at the moment!
    Least favorite : Bad sequin or embellishments

    Above: Soft florals and satin — more inspiration from the Cameo Instagram

    Complete the thought:
    My #1 designing rule is… Always be relevant and one step ahead
    I don't spend much on… Liquid eyeliner
    The top item on my wish list is… I just bought it…my Celine bag (shh!)
    Always: Smile
    Never: Doubt
    My guilty pleasure is… Salted caramel ice-cream (and caramel sauce)
    I am obsessed with… Beyonce
    The best part about my job is: Traveling
    The hardest part about my job is: Leaving for the day
    Start the day with: A walk
    End the day with: Wine!

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