• Brands We Love: Antonym

    We're excited to welcome Antonym into the UO Beauty lineup, a mineral-based and eco-friendly line founded by the French makeup artist Valerie Giraud and designed in subtly-bold shades that strike that perfect, just-made-up-enough balance. And with a namesake that emphasizes moving away from homogeneity and moving toward people who think outside of the box: it's a movement we can get behind. 

    We had fun playing around with all the amazing Antonym products, and asking the ladies behind the brand to share what all is in their summer makeup bags.

    What sets Antonym apart from other natural beauty lines?

    Antonym was founded on strong performance. We set out to create a line of products that uses gentle natural ingredients but still performs as a premium line should. For us this means strong pigments in color and silky textures.


    What products are in your makeup bag for summer?

    This summer, it is vitamin E oil, the Antonym Medium Foundation, The Peach Blush and the Koral Lipstick. It’s a very summery look, with orange hues. The mascara also never leaves my bag.


    What's in the Antonym starter kit? 

    Mascara, lipstick pencil and blush 


    What products do you recommend for makeup removal?

    I use the Miscellar Cleansing Water from Nuxe or the Melting Cleansing Gel from Nuxe, and follow both with gentle toning lotion. They are very gentle on the skin yet remove makeup perfectly.

    Who are some of your beauty muses?

    Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn. Both strong, beautiful women.

    Can you share any secret-weapon makeup tips?

    I have two tips, especially since Antonym products are gentle on the skin:

    1. If you use the eyeliner with a small angled brush you can apply a lighter and more define line for daytime.

    2. You can use the baked blush as eye shadow and also on the lips with lip conditioner.

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