• (Photo via Glamping Holiday)

    Books To Camp With

    Now is the time that tons of people head off to the woods in droves to pitch tents and sleep out under the stars. I will not be one of those people because bugs being a centimeter from my face while I sleep? No thank you! But for all you campers out there with nerves of steel, here are some books that'll help aid you on your adventures, or at least help you kick back and relax. —Katie

    Camping & Survival
    I've flipped through this book and, no joke, it has literally everything you could ever need for when you're camping. First aid for everything, how to chop down trees, how to like, not die. It's legit. And awesome.

    Backpacker Magazine's Outdoor Knots
    For you serious mountaineers out there.

    Handmade Glamping
    For the serious mountaineers out there who are also really concerned with being cute. (There are SO many cute ideas in this book. Like, sure, you don't need a pennant banner on the front of your tent, but don't you want one now?)

    Cabin Companion
    If you have a special vacation spot you always like to go, then this is the book for you. The pages have checklists and fill-in-the-blank areas so you can fill out your favorite spots and pass it on to a friend.

    Campfire Cuisine
    Hell yeah you are gonna be hungry after you scale that mothafuckin' mountain to pitch your tent!

    Spooky Campfire Stories
    If you're into scaring yourself shitless while you're miles away from civilization, then this is the book for you! Me, I'll be hiding under my sleeping bag, crying.