• Get Your Shit Together: 'Better Off Dead' Breakup Ski Style

    Valentine’s Day has arrived and your girl just dumped you? Weaksauce. But don’t kill yourself bro! Hey, hey, suicide is no joke, and offing yourself over a girl? That’s doubly ignorant. Unless those things are the subject of an '80s John Cusack comedy, then they’re fine.


    Don’t emulate Better Off Dead protagonist Lane Meyer and try (unsuccessfully) to take your own life after getting dropped by your girlfriend. But do take a tip from Lane when he gets his shit together in the second act and decides to get with the hot French exchange student next door and beat the local douchebag in a ski competition. No French cutie in your neighborhood? Well at least you can get over your breakup by crushing a box of Russell Stovers chocolates and watching one of my favorite, most inadvertently stylish and lovably morbid '80s movies.

    Sure, everybody loves Say Anything, but before Cusack developed his leading man swagger he was navigating dancing hamburgers, genius siblings and murderous paperboys in this cult classic. At the very least you can distract yourself from the breakup by getting stoked on the dope vintage ski style, which is relevant anyway because there’s probably still three feet of snow in your backyard. -Angelo