• Best Camp Shows

    "BUG JUICE, DOESN'T COME IN A JAR. BUG JUICE COMES FROM WHO YOU ARE," are definitely still words of wisdom that I sing out loud no less than twice a month. The Disney show Bug Juice was like, classic reality TV, and it had good company in other short-lived camp shows. Here are the best (and only?) ones. —Katie

    Bug Juice 1998-2001
    But seriously, remember how good this show was? Mostly I remember the theme song, but you can catch a lot of the episodes over on YouTube. The first episode of the first season is a true gem. And I found out I totally should have gone to Camp Wazi because basically everyone went on to graduate from U. Penn? Was this a secret genius camp? I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO CAMP.

    Salute Your Shorts 1991-1992
    DONKEY LIPS. Salute Your Shorts was short-lived, but forever amazing. Unfortunately, most of the complete episodes aren't available on YouTube, but if you have 55 minutes to kill, there is this reunion panel the cast did last year at Comikaze. People really, really loved Salute Your Shorts. "It's 'I hope we never part,' now get it right or pay the price!"

    Camp Candy 1989-1992
    John Candy is the best. Early '90s cartoons are the best. All the dramatic cartoon babies on this show are the best. From this episode: "Binky did what he always does when he's feeling low. He climbed a tree." And then made friends with a bird. You and me both, Binky.

    MTV's Fat Camp 2006
    MTV's Fat Camp was actually a part of their documentary series, but it's obviously worth mentioning because Dianne was an amazing reality T.V. personality. Her dramatic fall to the ground out of her chair is exactly how I feel whenever I go outdoors. After Fat Camp was such a success, MTV aired Return To Fat Camp the next summer. Dianne made a few cameos, thank god.