• Behind the Scenes: UO Alpha Shoot with Majid Jordan

    Go behind the scenes of our recent Alpha shoot and find out more about musician duo Majid Jordan.

    UO: How did you two first start collaborating? 
    Jordan: Majid and I first started collaborating and making music in my dorm room at UofT [University of Toronto] in 2012 and that's where we really came up with the sound and what we were really trying to achieve with music.

    Majid: A lot of the time the idea for a song comes through a conversation Jordan and I are having, like — what did we experience that day or that week? Or what mood are we in? — And then, we try to capture that by putting it into music and into sound. Jordan would usually pick out a sound and start playing some chords and progress the idea from there into a song – lyrically, melodically. 

    Jordan: It starts in many different ways. Usually, it's sharing ideas with one another. 

    M: Just being as open as possible...

    J: Yeah, we find the magic within that idea and we keep working on it until something pulls us through. I was born here in this great city with a thriving music culture, so I think Majid and I just met in what seems like a very "Toronto" way. The city is just a placeholder. It's really all about the people. The places in Toronto that really inspire us could even be outside of the city. More than anything it's about who we're with at the time.

    M: This is where I really discovered how much people love music. A lot of people our age had references going back to the 60's, the 70's. A lot of the kids I met when I was at UofT — Jordan included — were just able to play everything and had such diverse taste and background in music. So Toronto definitely influenced me in the sense that it introduced me to people that truly love music.

    The best places in Toronto to be inspired at are underground parties. A lot of the people involved with the music scene here came from these kinds of parties and events, as well as more formal live shows. There are a lot of artists performing at different venues, and there are a lot of venues in the city that cater to artists. That's how we got our start, too.

    What other music are you listening to, or loving right now? 
    J: Our new album...and that's really it. There's something that Majid and I love to do, to take the new music we're working on and then go play it in our cars. We love to drive around the city. We love to see Toronto from the different points of view. While you're driving and listening to your own music, it really starts to shape it in your head, to articulate what you're trying to show the world...

    What's next for you? 
    M: We'll put out this next album called "The Space Between." Jordan and I really put our all into it. We've been around the world in the last year, touring all around Europe and North America. I think we're going to do that again after this next project drops. So, project coming soon, and in general — just having more fun. 

    J: Yeah. More learning, more love, more music. 

    M: More moments. 

    J: That's the thing about Toronto. Once you submerge yourself into the city and you meet the right people, they tell you the right places to eat, they tell you the music to listen to and that's really what the city is built on, like "Oh, this is something new, I haven't tried this before."

    M: It's a bunch of people interested in sharing what they've discovered, with one another. I think that's the best way to learn. That's the best way we've learned, by sharing with one another and by being excited about what we're showing other people. That's why when you ask about the music we're excited about hearing, it's all the music from people we've actually met personally, that we know, that we're involved with on a personal level. We see their growth and their involvement in their own craft. It's so amazing to see. Like, Paul and Daniel from dvsn, and Roy Woods, and Party [partynextdoor], they're just in there honing their craft. And young kids too, like Daniel Caesar and Charlotte Day Wilson, so many artists from Toronto that are just incredible people, and who love sharing what they know and what they discover with us. And we feel the same, you know. 

    J: It's a relatively small city so half of these people are down the block. Half of them are in their studio right now. It's very young right now. 

    A lot of community, a lot of collaboration. 

    M: Collaboration within friend groups as well. Like trying to develop younger artists as well. Young artists where you see that excitement in their eyes, like we used to have, what we still have, that we also try to capture as much as possible when we're going into a new project or a new chapter. 

    J: It's an inviting club. 

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