• Behind The Scenes: Ali Mitton

    Australian photographer Ali Mitton shoots some of the dreamiest and inspirational shots we've ever seen. After shooting our recent sunkissed lookbook with Joanna Halpin, we caught up with Ali to find out a little bit more about her life behind-the-scenes.
    Photos by Ali Mitton

    Can you share more about how you came into photography? How has your work changed over time?

    I did photography at school but I never really had the confidence to properly pursue it until I was a "grown up" (five years ago). It really was the only thing I ever loved doing, and now I’m lucky enough to be able to do it every day as my career. My work has been evolving a lot over the last 12 months - I’m kind of entering a new era in my life/career and I’m seeing the positive impact that it's having on me creatively.

    What personal projects are you working on right now?

    At the moment I’m planning some collaborations with a couple of other photographers, as well as a personal project with my boyfriend, Cam, who does video and helps me develop fun concepts.

    Do you approach personal work with a concept in mind?

    A lot of the time I’ve had an idea in my mind, that I’ve set out to bring to life. It generally begins with a vision, but a lot of time it can happen really organically, too. When that happens, it's usually when there's no plan, no expectations, and everyone is open.

    What are some specific themes or concepts that are interesting to you right now?

    I really want to explore more themes around nudity and sexuality. My work has always had a really childlike quality to it. The work I became known for is very whimsical and dream-like, whereas now my work is starting to possess an edgier, more daring quality that I’d like to expand on.

    What's your preferred format to shoot? Any particular gear you're always loyal to?

    I shoot on a 5dmkii. I almost only use an 85mm, 1.2-1.4. I am shooting film less and less now, though - it’s really not great for commercial jobs with a fast turn around, though I still shoot film for my personal work.

    Can you talk more about your work for Urban Outfitters?

    Urban is a brand I’ve wanted to work for for years. The brand aesthetic has always been really aligned with how I like to shoot the most. It’s really fun, free, and youthful. The urban shoot I did recently was on a beach near NYC with Joanna Halpin. I have another one coming up in LA next week, too. It's a really fun, lovely team!

    Out of all of your shoots, have there been any that were more interesting to you because of location/subject/etc?

    One of my ongoing clients had me shoot for the brand in India. This was really incredible, because it was just me and a small team trekking through the Rajahstan Desert. Lots of creative freedom and inspiration. I returned last week from Peru where I did a shoot in the Andes for another brand in LA. Destination shoots are the most fun, because I get to use elements I don’t ordinarily shoot with. Textures, colors, and environments are all new, so it makes the process pretty exciting.

    What are some things you’re interested in right now?

    Hiking, roadtrips, and travelling endlessly, as always.

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