• Behind-the-Scenes Beauty: Hair Wear Makeup

    Russell Oden, our photo studio beauty guru, tells us all about his new favorite product to use on set: Hair Wear Makeup.  Read below for get his tips and tricks on how to get the best effects!

    "Hi everyone! I am really excited about our new Hair Wear Makeup. It’s like chalking but so much better! Rubbing regular pastels into your hair is not a good idea—it can stain your hair, dry it out (think straw), and inhaling all that pastel dust is kind of bad for you! Hair Wear Makeup is all-natural, talc free, goes on amazing and really easy to apply.

    You can brush it on for a subtle look or swipe it on for an intense pop of color. I like to use my thumb and swipe it into both sides of a hair section. 

    What’s pretty great is, even on dark hair, the color will show up. You can curl or straighten your hair after you apply it too. You may notice some powder color on you flat iron (and some on your fingers) but it will wipe off super with a damp cloth or wet wipe! I also find using a bit of hair spray after will help to seal it on for long-lasting wear. 

    Hair Wear Makeup! What’s not to love? Cool color hair, zero commitment! Count me in! 

    Tip: Pick up a few shades and create a one of a kind tie-dye effect.  There's no limit to the shades you can create!" -Russell