• Back-to-School Essentials: DIY Tapestry Tent

    What’s the key to making your dorm room cozy? A quick and easy tapestry tent. We show you how to make your own here. 

    -4 tapestries
    -string lights

    1. To start, gather all your supplies. It's honestly super easy to make a tapestry tent because it requires very, very minimal materials.

    2. Map out your tapestry placement on your wall. We did ours over a bed, but it works just as well in a cozy corner. Hang your first tapestry in the corner of your wall nook. (See final photo to see the placement of this tapestry.)

    3. Add your second tapestry to one of the surrounding walls. Add the third tapestry to the other wall. Ours were staggered in height, but mostly because our tapestries were on the smaller side. If you have four large tapestries, it may make more sense to hang them all at the same height. Play around with your layout.

    4. Add the fourth tapestry to your ceiling, stretching from the corner and carried to the corner of each tapestry. This is the trickiest part to get right; again, don't be afraid to play around with placement. If you're in a dorm and afraid of leaving marks in the walls, using velcro Command stickies or glue dots to hang will allow you to remove everything from the walls safely.

    5. String lights tiiiiime! Literally just throw these anywhere. Use a couple push pins if necessary to wrap the wire around. The only thing you need to keep in mind is where you're going to be plugging them in.

    6. Firefly string lights are handy because you can bend them into any shape you'd like once you have them hung up. Take a few steps back and admire your handiwork. The final product should look something like the below - but feel free to experiment! Get cozy!

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