• Back-to-School Essentials: Deck Out Your Tiny Kitchen

    Even if your kitchen is teeny tiny, you’ll still be able to whip up healthy, impressive meals. Nesrin Danan (@blackprints) shows us her fave kitchen essentials and her go-to breakfast.
    Photos by Nesrin Danan
    Above: Bamboozle Rainbow Nesting Bowl Set

    Working with a tiny kitchen like Nesrin?  Make sure to utilize allllll your space! This means finding clever ways to cut down on storage, like saying farewell to 5 of your 10 thrift store mugs or using this Nesting Bowl Set instead of a traditional mixing bowl set that may take up more room. Sure, it sucks to get rid of things if you find yourself downsizing, but if you have one tiny kitchen cabinet and don't entertain a lot, streamline your kitchen collection. Pick a few favorites of each necessity (mugs, glasses, bowls, plates, etc.) and your shelves won't get overcrowded. Bonus: You won't get overwhelmed.

    Even if you do have a good amount of cabinet space, you can still maximize your storage by using hooks or a pegboard to hang your pots + pans or bigger items on. A pegboard on the back of your pantry door can work wonders.

    Above: 3 Piece Metallic Serving Set

    Since Nesrin recently moved into her own apartment (with a tiny kitchen!) she loves to make simple, healthy meals instead of eating out. The Mini Rice Cooker ended up being a fave of hers. Sure, it's another thing to store, but if you're someone who doesn't want to spend too much time making gourmet meals, it's an easy way to help yourself prepare meals. (You literally just need to throw in some rice + water and it does the rest. Add some chicken and voila.) Nesrin found that this rice cooker also doesn't actually take up that much counter space. If there's something you like, and something you'll use, make room for it!

    Nesrin's other tip? Remind yourself to clean up after cooking! A kitchen can start to feel cramped and sad if there's a sink full of dirty dishes sitting in it. If you need to let something soak (or just need some time to chill) give yourself an hour to relax after eating and then come back to clean. Making sure everything's in its right place after you've finished up will help keep your kitchen from feeling overwhelming. (And dirty dishes are gross anyway.)

    Above: Mini Rice Cooker

    Have one set of party glasses that you can use when guests come over (four is more than enough) and keep them on higher shelves that you may not need to utilize as often. Have one of those weird, ultra-high cabinets over the microwave? Store fancy glasses in there! Don't waste precious, high traffic cabinet space.

    Having your first kitchen and realizing what you need can be stressful, but just keep an eye on what dishes you make the most and then go from there. No, you probably don't need a KitchenAid mixer. Yes, you very well may need more than one kind of spatula, but just make sure there's a space for everything, and your kitchen will never feel tiny - just cozy.

    Above: Googly Eye Mug

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