• AWAVEAWAKE Fall 2013

    Environment-friendly fashion line AWAVEAWAKE is the creation of stylist and fashion consultant Jaclyn Hodes whose work has graced the pages of publications such as Lula, Paper, Nylon and more. Launched in September 2012, Hodes' ethereal clothes reflect the natural landscapes of the earth they aim to protect.

    AWAVEAWAKE's Fall 2013 presentation in New York City was a rotation of models in different clothing ensembles that reflected the changing colors of sun-soaked Sedona rocks—ranging from silky, yellow two-piece sets to indigo lace-trimmed knits. We talked to Jaclyn about the inspirations behind her collection and how she came to start AWAVEAWAKE. —Hazel

    Tell me a little about the concept behind AWAVEAWAKE.
    The collection is all earth-conscious; it's essentially an eco-line. I wanted to create something with the mindset of creating something that contributes to the environment rather than contributing to the negative impacts. 

    Tell me about the inspirations behind this collection?
    This particular collection was inspired by Sedona. It's a place I've visited a lot in the past few years and I was really inspired by the colors when the sun was setting at different times on the rocks of Sedona. It was really the colors going against the red rocks. The whole collection goes from daylight into blue and indigo at night. At this point, color is really the driving force in the collection because I haven't found the right eco-friendly prints yet. I'm on a quest for that right now. I'm also really inspired by dance, like Pina Bausch. I studied dance a bit, so I really think it's about the way women move and feel in the fabrics. All the fabrics are the highest quality and that's really important to me. 

    What fabrics did you use?
    Everything is made from hemp and silk that's from sustainable sources and naturally dyed. The knit that I added this season, which is something new added this season for winter, is an organic hema cotton. Everything is ethically produced in New York City at the moment. 

    You've been a stylist for years. When did you decide you wanted to design clothes?
    What's interesting is that when I was a young girl, I always thought I was going to be a designer. Then I studied at Sarah Lawrence and I was way in my head and studied philosophy, French and sculpture. I always used fabric in sculpture and hand-sewed my clothes. I ended up going to graduate school at FIT for costume and textile studies while I was still styling. That, combined with my sketching and use of fabric in sculpture, really gave me the idea to start my own line. But, I didn't want to just contribute to the same old thing. I studied Kundalini Yoga and there's this sense of consciousness that everything has to align, so when I started studying that, it just made sense my collection would also have to be ethical and conscious.