• Artist Series: Rasmus Svensson

    Our Art Department asked some of their favorite designers to show us their take on Urban Outfitters by creating a limited edition shirt for us.  Meet the men and women behind the collaboration!

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    I'm Rasmus Svensson from southern Sweden. Living in Berlin. Mid-twenties. 

    Describe to us the inspiration behind the design you used for your shirt.
    “Photoshopping in Dubai.” 

    Are you working on anything else at the moment? 
    Yes! I am involved in a number of publication projects with artist friends: Administrating the data-haven PWRSHARE.INFO, working on the next issue of the phuturist zeitung PWR PAPER, working on a project involving stone-carving, working on a romantic multimedia-collection called DEEPSTREAM, etc… 

    What do you find most challenging about the work you do?
    Getting people to give you money to do it. And in general, finding a position in the merciless stream of global post-millennial post-internet culture. 

    How did you get started in design?
    I got into design through music—making record covers, show posters, stuff like that. 

    What was the first thing you created?
    Skipping over my pre-pubescent years I'd say it was the cover for a band I had when I was 15 called Chaos Through Programming. It was a printout of the code of a simple program generating random results. 

    Where did you go to school? 
    I went to school in Sweden and Denmark.

    What is a typical weekend like for you? 
    As I do not really have a job every day is more or less the same. Work/life balance. Yin/yang. 

    Describe your style for us in five words. 
    Cutting-edge, serious, team-player, reliable, on-time. 

    Who are your five favorite artists
    Caspar David Friedrich, John Bauer, April Greimann, Andy Kaufman, and Hakim Bey.

    Shop Rasmus' shirt.