• Artist Series: Nathan Cowen

    Our Art Department asked some of their favorite designers to create a limited-edition shirt for us.  Meet the men and women behind the collaboration!

    Tell us a little bit about yourself.
    My name is Nathan Cowen. I was born in Santa Cruz, California on November 14, 1983. I moved to Seattle when I was one year old and then I moved to Hawaii when I was just under two years old. I played soccer, basketball and little league baseball. I took art classes, painted and road mountain bikes. I wanted a skateboard, a BMX bike and rollerblades. I watched movies every time in between. I don't surf but like it. I like sushi but do not like fish. I am Chinese American and 1/16 Swedish. I currently live in Berlin, Germany. 

    Describe to us the inspiration behind the design you used for your shirt. 
    I wanted to create a digital spray-paint painting that also resembled water color. 

    What other projects have you been working on lately?

    What inspires you the most when you're working? 
    Simple things like making burritos and BLATs. 

    Tell us about your job at Hort.
    Hort is fun, challenging, not what you expect, sad, a struggle, happy, still new, German, EIke, Tim, Tim, Tim, Tobi, Ina, Mick, Jacob, Adli, Alan, Serafine and Lizzy. I am allowed and able to do a lot of things here. 

    Where did you go to school?  
    I went to the California College of Arts and Crafts in San Francisco, California. 

    What was the most important thing you learned there?
    I could have learned more.

    What is a typical night out with you and your friends like?

    Describe your style in one sentence. 
    Arial Black. 

    Your website is called Cabinet of Natural Curiosity.  If someone opened a cabinet in the place where you're living now, what five items would they find? 
    Bauhaus toolbox, German boom box, my passport with visa, Comme Des Gar√ßons 2, and Air Jordan 6 shoes.

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