• Artist Series: Natalie Rognsoy

    Our Art Department asked some of their favorite designers to show us their take on Urban Outfitters by creating a limited edition shirt for us.  Meet the men and women behind the collaboration!

    Tell us a little bit about you, including where you are from. 
    I'm Natalie Rognsoy and I am 26 years old and have lived in Oslo for the last six years. I come from a small island called Hareid where the population is about 4,500 people. The weather is rough but the island is surrounded with beautiful mountains and fjords. 

    Describe to us the inspiration behind the design you used for your shirt. 
    I wanted to do something painterly that did not look like it was done on the computer. 

    What other projects have you been working on lately? 
    I have just finished my Bachelor in fine art. I have also been a part of exhibitions in Bodega in Philadelphia, Alessandro De March in Milan and Y3K in Melbourne. 

    What inspires you the most when you're working? 
    Nature, looking at photos, walking and listening to my favourite hits. 

    What is the hardest part about putting together an exhibition? 
    Being confident in my choices. 

    Where did you go to school and what for?  
    I went two years at art school where I was drawing and working with photography mostly. Then I applied to the art academy where I almost immediately started working with sculptures and installations. Now I have finished my BA. 

    What do you like to do on a typical night out? 
    Have a few fruity drinks with my girlfriends and then go out dancing in circles. 

    Describe your personal style for us in one sentence. 
    I am not sure if I know how to do that!

    What are your favorite materials to use when working? 
    Fabric, plaster, paint and wood.

    Shop Natalie's shirt.