• Artist Editions: Ellie Andrews X UO

    Designed exclusively for Urban Outfitters, Artist Editions is an ongoing series of limited edition graphic t-shirts created by a rotating roster of artists from around the globe. 

    Ellie Andrews is a graphic artist based in South London whose colorful, textured creations contain their own unique sense of humor. We caught up with Ellie at her home studio to talk about her latest Artist Editions designs.
    Photos by Iona Wolff 

    Are there any artists or designers that have influenced your work over the years? 
    Yes, of course. Frank stella, Sven Lukin, Ida Ekblad, Jean Arp, Margaret Kilgallen, Alán González, Pablo de Pinho. 

    You’ve created a huge range of commissioned work for a wide variety of clients— how does your approach differ when working with a brief vs. when you’re creating a personal work for yourself? Do you find one to be easier than the other? 
    When you're making commercial work for a client, you're applying your brand of image making onto their idea. So the final result is always going to be a compromise. I’ve learn you have to be aware of their needs, and find a point where your style meets this. I don't think there should be any need for conflict in this case, if you're suited for the job. 

    Naturally when you make for yourself, you can be totally self indulgent & write your own rules. Allowing yourself complete freedom lets you create work what is a 100% a reflection of yourself. Both commercial and personal work are still extensions of your own personality, they come from the same source, just on different streams. 

    What are you working on right now? 
    I’ve been designing some new t-shirts for my own brand, the first run is being screen printed as we speak. They’ll be dropping real soon, I’m hoping to bring the next out for X-mas.

    Can you tell us about your work for Artist Editions? How did the designs come about?
    At the time which I was due to work on the T -shirt graphics, I knew I wanted to draw inspiration from certain comics, toys & packaging I had recently collected from a bunch of thrift stores on holiday in America. So this project was a great opportunity for me to develop these ideas a bit more. I like to 'stock up' on ideas and references for when the right job comes along.

    Do you have any pet peeves when it comes to t-shirt design? 
    I don’t like seeing puns on t-shirts that are really basic attempts on being witty or cool or when someone has rinsed a well-known logo design and done it really badly. 

    What’s so great about a t-shirt anyway? 
    They’re the garment for everyone that can be worn by everyone. They’re not age or gender specific. 

    What’s next for you? 
    I’ve been offered a residency abroad next Spring, which would culminate in a solo show too! I’ve written a proposal & brief I’ll be following, and currently planning out how it’s all going to figure out. I’m really excited for this opportunity, to have the freedom to create a fresh body of work, in a new environment and collaborate with some of my favourite artists. ( i’m keeping the specific details quiet for now). 

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