• Art School: Amanda Goss

    Meet Amanda Goss, a former RISD student who made us three Designed By: creations.  Here she talks about her designs, her inspirations behind them and her dream clients to work for.

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello! My name is Amanda Goss. I'm a recent graduate from the Apparel Design program at RISD, which is located in Rhode Island about 30 minutes north from where I grew up. 

    Amanda Goss for RISD + UO Herringbone Jacket

    Can you talk about the designs you made for us?
    I created three pieces for my collaboration with Urban Outfitters; a jacket, a top and a skirt. For the jacket, I wanted something cropped and a bit loose. It's meant to be slouchy and left open. I love mixing patterns and textures, so it was designed with a large herringbone weave. The top is a sheer button up styled with a contrasting collar and again, a combination of patterns. Both pair nicely with the high waisted skirt I designed with an inset suede panel and small welt pockets. 

    Amanda Goss for RISD + UO Conversational Blouse

    What were you most inspired by?
    Oddly enough, this collection was mainly inspired by my grandfather's style and the style of old men in general. I love their casual confidence. I'm also wildly inspired by tailoring and my grandfather is always perfectly tailored and pressed. The colors were derived from the cover of an old copy of the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

    What's your least favorite thing about going to art school?
    My least favorite thing about art school is paying for it. 

    Amanda Goss for RISD + UO Wool Paneled Skirt

    What's the first thing you ever designed and made?
    The first garment I ever designed and made was a dress created entirely of bronze aluminum grate covers—the pretty kind with geometric shapes cut into them. I was actually looking at it the other day when I was moving out wondering how the heck my model wore it without bleeding. 

    Who is your dream client to design for?
    My dream company to design for would have to be Proenza Schouler. They were the first brand that I ever felt an actual passion towards and after interning for Fashion Week and over the winter, I feel even more invested in that sentiment. I would absolutely love to work for them. Other dream clients include: Parker Posey, Amy Sedaris and Anna Wintour, haha. She kills it.

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