• Arcade Fire: "Reflektor"

    In the last few weeks, giant, circular stickers have been showing up all over the world, in record stores, at music festivals, etc., with the word "Reflektor" on them. What were these mysterious stickers for? Arcade Fire's new album and single, of course! The band said they would release something on September 9th, at 9pm, but it looks their new video for the single dropped anyway, regardless of the time of day! Produced by James Murphy, the song is a super groovy and seemingly disco inspired tune, much different than the sound of the band's last record, The Suburbs.

    The video is directed by Anton Corbijn, is nearly eight minutes long, and in true Arcade Fire style, is an awesome short film with a dynamic plot. Filmed in black and white, the video follows the band who are wearing mildly creepy masks of themselves, and a man seeming to be the so called "Reflektor," who looks like a human disco ball. Its pretty cool. I suggest you watch and dance along! Arcade Fire will release an album of the same name, on October 29th via Merge Records. Maddie