• Alone With Other People

    I love writer Gabby Bess' zine Illuminati Girl Gang, which brings together some of the coolest female artists, poets, and more across the 'net in one publication, so of course I knew her debut collection of poems and stories Alone With Other People was going to be good. The new book frankly explores the inherently complicated experience of being a young woman through Bess' intimate poems and stories, which tackle topics like fame, alienation, and constant digital performativity. One of my favorite aspects of the book is the collection of graphic text pages that punctuate the longer pieces, which include darkly funny lines like: "go back in time to warn self about self (if possible)." The book is a beautiful collection for the tragic female figure whose identity is intrinsically tied to her Macbook (aren't we all, though?) and it's pretty damn good. Hazel