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    The future is now. For our new + exclusive adidas campaign, we teamed up with 19 up-and-coming creative minds that our shaping our cultural landscape. Scroll on to go behind the scenes of our Fall 2016 campaign and meet the creatives who are working to #createourfuture. 

    Artist, curator, activist, and student, Gabby Richardson takes on many roles. Splitting her time between Philadelphia and New York, she curates Art Hoe Collective, a submission-based internet gallery that showcases work by queer artists of color. 
    Lead photo by Petra Collins

    Photo by Petra Collins

    What’s the process like for curating Art Hoe Collective? 
    The thing about Art Hoe Collective is that it’s also a community about growth, so even if your art isn’t deemed amazing by others, it’s about the process of learning. It’s nurting and growing. We go through our e-mail, we pick works, and we post them. So anyone can submit. 

    We post three submissions every week. Monday is poetry. Tuesday is photography. Wednesday is music and performance art. Thursday is visual arts and self growth. Then Friday, Saturdays and Sundays are for activist groups or small business, or events, or promos. Things like that. 

    In terms of the art that you create, what’s your preferred medium? 
    I like painting, but I recently got really into sculpture. All of my work is kind of poppy and critiques what’s going on in the world. 

    Photo by Petra Collins

    Who do you make art for? 
    I make it always for myself and for others who can identify with my narrative and feel something for it. My art revolves around my identity. 

    What’s the first thing you can ever remember making? 
    I made a picture of a girl wearing a necklace hung down over her shirt. It was funny, I was in the first grade and one of the teachers commented about how I was able to draw objects overlapping like that. They were like, “Wow, she understands depth.” I was on that next motor skills level. 

    What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome? 
    Probably slurs being thrown at me. People hating me just for speaking up for myself. 

    What would you say to help people who are going through the same thing? 
    Just continue. I feel like it helps just to persevere and have others watch you persevere, because then it gives them a sense of hope that they can continue as well. 

    Photo by Braina Laviena  @picsfortipz 

    What’s the happiest moment of your life? 
    Probably being with my family all together. My siblings and I are all really big goofballs and just kind of bounce off each other. Then my parents bounce off of us, because my parents are goofballs. My parents are pretty young. Not super young, but pretty young for parents. 

    How many siblings do you have? 
    I have one brother and one sister. I’m the oldest. 

    What was being the oldest sibling like? 
    My sister was a lot more independent than me. She went to boarding school when she was in sixth grade. She didn’t get sent away, she wanted to go. She went to the school from Dead Poets Society. 

    Did you learn a lot from being an older sister? 
    I don’t know. I kind of low-key bullied my little sister when we were younger. I convinced her I was a werewolf and she believed that until she was nine. That’s probably why she went to boarding school. 

    Photo by Petra Collins

    As a curator, an artist, a student, do you feel like you have a responsibility to make the world a better place? 
    As James Baldwin would say, I think artists have a responsibility to society to reflect the times in their work. I think everything people do is political, and not commenting on certain things that are going on is a political act within itself. You owe people that, at the minimum, just to speak on things. 

    What does our future look like? 
    I just want people to get what they deserve. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every person gets the same thing. If you say equality, that doesn’t acknowledge that some people need more things than others. 

    Photo by Petra Collins

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