• Comics for Actual Teenagers

    Comics have this reputation of being kid-stuff, but that's really not true. There's a lot of violence, sexualized characters, adult subject matter, and straight up creepy story lines, like that time the Joker had his face cut off then reattached it with hooks and staples and walked around like it was no big deal and ugh. Here's a list of age-appropriate comics starring teens, written for teens, and sold to adults because it turns out that teens love stories about sex, violence, and impotence. Christina

    1. Morning Glories by Nick Spencer, Joe Eisma, and Rodin Esqueo (Image Comics)
    The six newest students at the prestigious Morning Glory Academy quickly realize that having no internet access may not be the worst thing about their school. After all, when dealing with kidnapped students, time travel, murder, and mysteries too numerous to count, who has time to worry about Facebook? (Do people still use Facebook? You do know your Granny's on there, right? She's the one commenting on every sloppy photo of you she sees.)

    2. Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man created by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli (Marvel Comics)
    At 13, Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales is on the younger end of teenagerdom. (Don't worry, Peter Parker's fine. This is an alternate universe comic.) This may lead to you wanting to pick him up and assuring him that everything will be okay. He's just so tiny! But watch out for the venom stingers

    3. Shadoweyes by Ross Campbell (Slave Labor Graphics)
    I have a soft spot for accidental superheroes making the best of it and trying their best. You can buy this comic or you can follow the above link and read it for free with creator commentary! You'll fall in love with Scout and Sparkle and drool over Kyisha.

    4. Blue Beetle created by Keith Giffen, John Roger, and Cully Hamner (DC Comics)
    The third Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes, had a FANTASTIC comic book from 2006 to 2009. Then it was canceled. He popped up in some other books but DC rebooted their comic universe in 2011. So they were all ultimately canceled. After that, another Blue Beetle series started but it was canceled in 2013. The character showed up in a few TV shows before lucking out and grabbing a role on Young Justice, the Cartoon Network show about teen superheroes. But it was canceled. You see a trend? It's a shame. Jaime is perfection.

    5. Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol (First Second Books)
    Anya's embarrassed of her immigrant family, stressed about gaining weight, and is kind of a friendless weirdo at school. Her life starts to change for the better when she befriends a ghost. Or does it? Bum bum BUM! 

    6. Runaways created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona (Marvel Comics)
    This is the "teenage angst with magic, mutants, and monsters" I was talking about! Buy it.