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    When it comes to dressing for the Fall, the wind-tunnel streets of New York make for a particularly grueling proving ground. But regardless of season, New York style photographer Darius Garvin knows a thing or two about putting together the perfect outfit. We tailed him for a day in the Big Apple and to get the low-down on fall outfits, cameras, and where to find the best coffee in the city. 
    Photos by Kara Nixon

    Who is Darius Garvin?
    I'm a photographer and visual storyteller. I love contemporary art, all types of music from hip-hop to jazz to indie to classical, foreign films, fashion of course, great food, dancing, good books and being well informed.

    Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background? Are you from New York originally? How did you make it to the city?
    I'm originally from New Jersey. After high school I spent a couple of years in North Carolina and Oklahoma for university before returning home to the East Coast to pursue a career in fashion. While still in school, I interned at Diane von Furstenberg and worked in retail so initially that’s what bought me to New York. I now split my time between Manhattan, Brooklyn and my hometown of Jersey City. 

    How would you describe your personal style?
    Classic, yet modern but at the same a little eclectic. I like to keep things pretty simple but every now and then I’ll thrown on something that might be consider a bit unusual or a little off-beat like a huge hat or a really bold, bright coat. 

    When did you first develop your taste in clothing? How has it changed over time?
    Having been surrounded by women all my life, I acquired a taste for great clothing very early on. I don’t think that’s changed much, but its become more refined as I’m still drawn to pieces that are well made and that’ll last long versus things that are “happening” or “trendy”. I’m very much of an essentialist these days, as I like to have the things that matter and that’ll never go out of style like a great camel coat or a sweet pair of brogues. 

    Have any go-to pieces for this F/W?
    This Schott leather jacket will no doubt be in heavy rotation over the next few months. That and I just got a pair of wool trousers from Paul Smith that I can’t wait to wear. Don’t think I’ve ever met a cropped trouser I didn’t like. 

    Tell us a bit about your photography. When did you start shooting?
    I was first introduced to photography in grammar school. Maybe like the 3rd or 4th grade. There was this weekend program at my school that offered all sorts of classes - from creative writing to photography to sketching to poetry, and so on. Initially, I was more drawn to the writing class than anything else but with photography, it was all the post shoot stuff that I liked. It’s where I first learned how to darkroom develop. I kind of lost touch with it once I got to high school but picked it up again about three years ago. I'd had a style blog for about a year, so I thought what better time to invest in a camera. Six months into that, I stepped behind the camera, which turned out to be just a little more exciting not to mention way more lucrative. That was right around the time when Instagram was starting to become really popular so I started to shift my focus there because of how easy it was to share my work and connect with people all over the world. Ironically enough, I was the last of my friends to join. I didn't have an iPhone when it first launched but I was obsessed with it from the beginning. Still am.

    What are your go-to cameras?
    These days, it’s a Canon EOS Rebel T5 but I just recently started to experiment more with film, which I’m really enjoying. My uncle, who is also a photographer, gave me a Minolta X-700 for Christmas last year so that’s slowly becoming a go-to. 

    What is it like working with Blind Barber? Can you tell us about some of the things you do with them?
    It's amazing! I’d been a fan for a very long time so when the opportunity came to work with them, I jumped at it. I work on their marketing and creative teams where I assist in creating content for all things social media related, whether that be visual, video or editorial. 

    What’s your most used emoji?
    I have two. The side eyes and the palm tree. 

    What’s on your daily playlist these days?
    What isn't? I listen to a little bit of everything – Disclosure, Miguel, Tame Impala, Coldplay, SBTRKT, Sade, Drake, Sam Cooke, TLC, D'Angelo, CHVRCHES, Leon Bridges, Sufjan Stevens and lots and lots of Janet Jackson. 
    Tell us about the last best thing you’ve read.
    I just started reading Haruki Murakami's "Wind/Pinball" and though I’m only about fifty pages in, I can say it’s hands down one of my favorite books ever. I love how uncomplicated and incredibly smart his writing is.  

    Can tell us about some of your favorite places in the city?
    I spend a lot of time at coffee shops or at the galleries in Chelsea. I like places where I can kind of just unplug and breathe. I love when I feel as though I’m not in New York. Happy Bones Coffee in Little Italy is one of my favorite cafes. Just the energy there, the conversations being had, the work being done – its all just so motivating. Doesn’t hurt that coffee is damn good too. Another one of my favorite hideouts is Casa Magazines in the West Village. I can almost always be found there somewhere in between back issues of Fantastic Man and Cereal Magazine.

    What’s next for you?
    I’ll be doing some traveling this fall and winter. First up, Paris and then London. It’ll be my first time out of the country which in reality is kind of sad, but exciting nonetheless. I’m also launching my website – which has been about a year in the making – so its great to see that finally happening. It’ll be a combination of all the things that I’m passionate about (fashion, photography, music, art) and just another way for me to connect with people which is why I do what I do. 

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