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    Bas Berkhout is one of those artists who is able to sit still and let the world help him create. Whether it's by listening to or just observing the people and world around him, the Dutch filmmaker and photographer's recent relocation to Brooklyn has allowed him to further develop his special style of documentary storytelling, which he captures in his popular "Like Knows Like" short documentary series. The series dives into the lives of the artistic and creative friends Bas has come to know over the years, and shares a glimpse into what they're doing and why. The project first caught our eye for its ability to focus on the intimate details of his subjects, but it lead us to a bigger archive of interesting work Bas is creating (including his Instagram which shares some pretty amazing candid NYC subway photography). A few of our favorites would be this photo of a young man on the subway, and this photo of a gentleman waiting on the platform.

    We were lucky enough to spend a day with Bas as he walked us through his Brooklyn routine, taking us around the subway, his work, and his other daily stops. 
    Photos by Dylan Isbell

    "I take the subway every morning when I'm not shooting and go to my desk at StudioMates (a collaborative workspace of designers, illustrators, bloggers, writers, and developers located in DUMBO, Brooklyn). I came about Studiomates when I made a short doc about Tina Roth Eisenberg. Tina and I really clicked and she invited me to come over to work at her studio for three months to test it out. I was still living in Amsterdam at the time and was, before she invited me, thinking about having a sabbatical. Her invitation sparked me to actually have a break from my day-to-day life."

    "I’m overwhelmed by all the interesting faces in the NYC subway. Everyone that I see on the train must have a story like me. I like to think that many of them must have experienced the same excitement as I had in moving to NYC. For the people who grew up here, I like to think about the faces who grew up in such a strong urban environment. I’m fascinated by what this city does to people whether they’re here for a week or 40 years."

    "I support napping. Every day. You should try it."

    "I’m working on two projects at the moment. The first is one is consulting and doing all the video work for a collaboration with Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, who are working on a new personal project similar to their previous viral project 40daysofdating.com. The second is in collaboration with Format.com. I’m making a whole new film series profiling artists and focusing on the personal challenges it takes to evolve from an enthusiastic creative into an independent, full-time professional."

    "Although Greenpoint is facing a lot of gentrification and raising rent, it still feels like Brooklyn. The Polish shops, the industrial waterfronts...It's a great place to be away from the Manhattan madness but be able to see it happening from the rooftop. Every time I look at the NYC skyline I feel that excitement rush over me, and feel excited about what I'm doing with my life right now."

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