• About a Space: Viktoria Dahlberg

    Living in the Williamsburg apartment of our dreams (seriously, she's right on Bedford and above an ice cream store!), Viktoria Dahlberg, a photo retoucher at Gloss Studios who hails from Sweden, keeps her home bright and airy with light fabrics, fresh flowers, and an open kitchen that makes us want to learn how to cook.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    Above: Magical Thinking Embroidered Eye Pillow

    What made you decide to move to Williamsburg?
    I live on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and when I first moved here around a year ago I stayed at a friend's apartment [that was also] here in Williamsburg. I literally fell hard in love with the area and even though there are other amazing neighborhoods in NYC, my current roommate and I only looked in this area. It was perfect for me.

    What are your favorite things about living there?
    I work in the city, in the Flatiron district, and it's always crowded and very hustle bustle, and Williamsburg is the opposite for me. Sure, Bedford Avenue can get pretty crowded too, especially during the weekends, but it still feels more calm and like a cute little mini city. A cool village, even! I also love just strolling around here because I find new special stores, restaurants and cafés every time. When you're in Williamsburg it is so beautiful looking over the East River to Manhattan. In the summer I think I was walking by the water almost every night and my eyes never got tired of that magical view.

    Above: Magical Thinking Delmas Rag Rug

    When you moved into your home, what were some of the important must-haves that you immediately decided to buy?
    I didn't have anything at all because I had just moved to NYC from Stockholm. It was a total clean slate for me! The first things I bought were my bed, exactly the same as the one I had in Stockholm, a full body mirror (a necessity!), white coat hangers (always, only white), and a lot of plants. Also, I love kitchenware (I swear it makes things taste better), so some must-haves were cute plates, coffee cups, and mason jars for my smoothies, of course.

    We saw you get a lot of flowers for your home! Is there anything else you like to do to freshen up your home (especially for spring)?
    Flowers and plants are for sure the main thing I buy to freshen up my apartment. I also like to change out pillow cases, blankets, coffee cups, and tableware pretty often to easily get an overall new feeling into my apartment. I also like to be healthy and I eat a lot of berries and fruits, so having different sorts of fruits at home feels fresh and inspiring to me. They're decorations you can eat!

    Above: Assembly Home No Bad Days Pillow

    We saw that you have a lot of plants too. Any favorite ones that are easy to take care of?
    My apartment was made for plants; there's so much light streaming in all the time. In general, I buy greenery that needs a lot of light. I look after them and give them water regularly of course, but also make sure dust stays away from the leaves. Usually I just spray water on them and that makes them look fresh, clean, and happy! My roommate has an adorable cat but her one flaw is she loves to eat my plants! That's definitely the biggest struggle!

    What are some of your favorite possessions in your home?
    I do love my Fig tree that I have in the living room. It makes me feel like I have a forest inside my living room. And while it's not really my possession, it's the apartment's, I cannot live without my balcony. It's such a perfect way to bring the outside, inside. In the summer I basically live on my balcony reading magazines, listening to music, and drinking colorful smoothies. I also love how the sunsets filtering through the balcony door paints my living room shades of orange.

    We love all the breakfasts you're posting to Instagram – do you have any favorite breakfast (or smoothie) recipes you can share with us?
    Yes and I would love to share!

    Dream Avocado Smoothie (one - two persons):
    -1 avocado
    -1 banana
    -1 or 2 cups of unsweetened almond milk
    -Add a few ice cubes
    Blend all together and enjoy!

    Yummy Breakfast Bowl (two persons):
    -2 frozen sliced banana
    -2 cups frozen blueberries or strawberries if you want (I do sometimes)
    -1 cup of unsweetened almond milk
    -2 tablespoons nut or seed butter (I use almond)
    -3 tablespoons of acai powder or green tea matcha maiden powder
    Blend all together. Top with fresh sliced fruit, berries, unsweetened coconut flakes, and nuts. Enjoy!

    Above: 4040 Locust Toures Symbology Duvet Cover

    Where are some of your favorite places to hang out in Brooklyn outside of your apartment?
    There are so many places in my neighborhood: McCarren Park where you can either have spontaneous picnics or play basketball, The Nighthawk to catch a movie, and Kent Avenue flea market right by the river. But it's also a foodie heaven. I love breakfast at Bakeri and Acai bowls and smoothies at Juice Generation, hamburgers at Sweetwater, and steaks and guacamole at El Almacen. Ice cream at Davey's is great (perfect because it's right below my apartment and great for late night ice cream runs). My favorite flavor is S'mores! I always enjoy having dinner at Maison Premiere. I don't drink alcohol so my favorite drink with food is cold cranberry juice or sparking water with ice and lemon. Yum! I also love to train at my local gym in Williamsburg.

    Anything you're looking forward to when the weather gets warm?
    Outside Cinema in McCarren Park, music festivals, rooftop parties, riding bikes with my boyfriend, going to the beach with a huge group of friends, the sun, and finally being able to wear skirts, jeans shorts, and sandals.

    Finally, what's one thing you wouldn't be able to live without?
    Just one!? Okay, I'll name three! My friends and boyfriend! My family! Music!

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