• About A Space: Tessa and Cole's NY Apartment

    Creative couple Tessa and Cole are recent transplants to NYC…we popped into their dreamy, sunny apartment to see how they’re styling out their new bedroom from the ground up

    What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
    Tessa: First thing I do in the morning is turn on the tunes! I feel like good music in the morning just sets my mood for the day and gets me excited to get things done! 
    Cole: I hit the snooze button at least four times.

    Favorite music to wake up to?
    Tessa: Totally depends on my mood but currently Father John Misty, Anderson Paack, or Fleetwood Mac. 
    Cole: I've been loving a band called The Technicolors, Led Zeppelin is always a go-to. 

    What’s for breakfast in bed?
    Tessa: I love cutting up lots of fruit alongside eggs with arugula, tomato, and cottage cheese. If my babe is cooking it’s for sure pancakes. 
    Cole: Pancakes. Loaded with chocolate chips. 

    What other things are part of your morning routine?
    Tessa: Gotta get moving: run or yoga. 
    Cole: I go total old man style and always read the New York Times to start the day. 

    What are you binge-watching (in bed) right now?
    Both: Stranger Things… who isn’t? 

    What are you reading in bed?
    Tessa: Modern Lovers by Emma Straub
    Cole: Better Angels Of Our Nature

    Early bird or a night owl?
    Tessa: Both? Haha I should probably sleep more. 
    Cole: Neither, my wife can run on no sleep. I love my 8 hours, and then some. 

    How do you style your bedroom to make the space feel more your own? Any tips for colors, textures, lighting, scent, plants, etc?
    Tessa: Being that I live in the city and came from living in the mountains I have become plant obsessed; it makes me feel at home. I love layering rugs and I love a lot of color, which can be really tricky. My biggest advice for pulling off a lot of color would be picking a theme. In my apartment I chose a lot of similarly-stained and textured wood which allows me to add just about anything. If color scares you, start with things that aren’t permanent, like rugs, which are my favorite way to make a statement.
    Cole: Lighting is essential. With the right lighting any space can feel cool, moody, and welcoming. Bulbs with a lower wattage (45w or so) or a dimmer are key. If you have a neon sign all the better. 

    Tips for a good night’s sleep?
    Tessa: Well when you think about it you spend a third of your life in your bed, so making sure it’s comfy is key! Lots of pillows, cozy comforter and sheets, and a dang good mattress. 
    Cole: A fan. I can't sleep without one. 

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