• About A Space: Taylor Hoff's San Francisco Apartment

    In his SF apartment, photographer and all-around creative Taylor Hoff pairs purposeful minimalism with smart small-space solutions. We spent a day in the life with him (read our interview with him here to learn more about his work), and while we were at it, invited ourselves over for a quick tour of his space.
    Photos by Daniel Dent

    Above: Plus Sign Rug

    Hi Taylor, can you tell us about your space?
    I’ve been in SF for a little over 5 years now, and have lived in my current neighborhood, the Mission, for the bulk of that time. I’ve been in my current apartment for almost 3 years, and couldn’t be happier. There’s a solid group of friends that all live in our little Mission community that all hang out at the same spots along the street here.

    My street used to be a combo of zoo, amusement park, and garden in the 1800s. It’s a little kooky, but puts it all in perspective when you think about the fact that now it’s all just apartments and businesses.

    What are your favorite things about your space? What are your least favorite things?
    My favorite is the amount of light my house lets in. I have pretty large windows, and I catch the best of it with those. I don’t have a least favorite aspect, because it’s pretty cool that I’m able to live under a roof in general.

    Above: Patched Tapestry

    You have a lot of inventive storage solutions and handmade details integrated into your space — can you share more about some of the projects you’ve taken on yourself?
    Aside from my white chair and few other small things, I built everything in my room from scratch. I took a very pragmatic approach to setting up my room, building only what was most necessary. After building each item, I’d give it a few days or weeks before moving on to the next piece, waiting for the space to logically tell me what needed to be built next. I tweaked and edited regularly, and after about 8 months, I’d fully “furnished” my room.

    Can you offer any advice or tips for small space living?
    It’s all about just getting rid of anything you don’t need. Focus on what makes you happiest at home, and stick to those things while removing distractions. For example, I work so much with computers and technology that at home, my house is set up so that there is nothing (save light fixtures) that are plugged in 24/7. My computer, tablet, and phone are all charged when they need to be, and the cables are coiled when they’re not in use. It forces me to be thoughtful of my time with technology, and reminds me that books still exist and that I should read one.

    Do you have any collections?
    Nope. Cameras don’t count, since they serve a purpose, and I don’t have enough room to have a collection of any other sort.

    What is your favorite possession?
    The bench in my room that I built really early on. I made it by hand, from hand-sawing the 12 foot boards to hand-sanding each cut. It took a week to finish, and I never sketched or planned any of the design. It just came together how it is, and somehow it’s holding up and serving its purpose after almost 3 years.

    Above: Studio tumbler

    Can you share the itinerary of a night at home?
    After getting home from work around 7 or 8pm, I round out the workday by finishing any emails I may have missed. Then, I usually try to read, catch up on text messages from friends, and listen to an album or two before it hits midnight, when I typically try to hit the hay. Sprinkle in a few nights where I just melt down on Netflix and snacks, and you’ve got me nailed.

    Any future home projects in the works?

    I’m planning on building a few things to throw up onto our roof for a new weekend morning ritual here and there.

    What are your favorite neighborhood spots?
    Four Barrel coffee is what my roommates and I call “the coffeeshop,” and must-go. I grab lunch at "the taqueria" a ton (Pancho Villa), skate at "the spot" (SOMA skatepark), and catch dinner at my friend’s restaurant Aster quite a bit.

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