• About A Space: LA Garden Apartment

    Artist Kourtney Jackson’s tiny LA apartment is everything a small space should be: simply styled, carefully curated, and filled with meaningful, special belongings. It puts a “less is more” philosophy to practice in all the right ways. We spent a laid-back Sunday morning with Kourtney at home to learn more about her Atwater Village spot and how to make the most of a small space. Join us on a tour of her apartment to learn more about what makes her sunny California spot so special. 
    Photos by Chantal Anderson

    Above: Details at home, including the Gumball Floor Lamp, Oversized Tassel Pillow, and Connected Stripe Rug

    Kourtney's been in her Atwater Village apartment for less than a year, but has already mastered the art of small space living within its compact 300 square feet ("It's little, but perfect for just my big pup and me," she says). The interior of the space was designed by Kourtney's landlord, with cleanly whitewashed walls and handmade details inspired by frequent surf trips to Mexico; it feels like a seaside villa in the middle of the city. 

    Kourtney and her boyfriend Nate, who is a sculptor, have also designed a series of handmade furniture pieces to suit the tiny space. "There's something great about knowing your own sweat went into making it and even just seeing an idea come to fruition."

    Above: "Not to get all intimate on you, but my shower is one of my favorite areas in my place. I often feel like I'm Venus in her shell when I'm in there. It's pretty magical." Pictured with Mayde Crescent Towel

    What are your top tips for small space living?
    I'd like to consider myself a realistic minimalist (emphasis on realistic). My appliances are limited to what I regularly use (ie: no microwave, no stand mixer, no espresso maker...) I store the collections of things I do use regularly (like my books, apothecary, and cooking products) in visible, organized piles or clusters. This way, the everyday things I use are easily accessible but they feel purposefully placed. I really think a space looks more appealing when it feels lived in and not starkly empty. 

    Above: Waffled Blanket, Woven Mirror

    Where do you find yourself hanging out the most in your house?
    Although I really enjoy spending time on my front porch, I'd say I hang out on my bed the most. I'm obsessed with my linen sheets and it gets good light there, so it's hard to justify sitting anywhere else.

    What are some of your favorite possessions?
    I love all the pieces Nate and I built together. I also love a little plaster sculpture he carved that sits near my record player. Most of my other favorite possessions are hidden for safe-keeping, like a gifted ceramic sculpture from my best friend's Senior Thesis Show in college or a necklace an Indonesian friend for made me during my time there. 

    Above: Assembly ceramic planters

    What scents do you have going at home? 
    I'm easy: give me a soy-based candle and I'll burn it through. I gravitate toward musty or herbal scents, something that reminds me of being in nature without forcing it too much. 

    Any home projects you're wanting to take on?
    Nate draws really interesting outlined figures and I've been thinking about asking him to paint one on my big blank wall. I think it'd be weird and fun.

    We love all your plants! Any tips for keeping houseplants alive?
    It's definitely been a learning process! My best tip is to get plants that don't need to be babied too much. My fiddle leaf lost quite a few leaves before I realized it wasn't getting enough sun (they prefer south-facing windows, who knew?) I also learned that indoor plants need the occasional leaf wipe-down with a wet rag. It gets rid of the dust, helping them to breathe better but also gives them a little extra drink of water. A friend told me about putting coconut oil on their leaves and they've never been so shiny and beautiful. 

    What are your favorite things about your neighborhood?
    Atwater Village is a pretty special community. I don't think it's as transient as many other neighborhoods in LA so there are a lot of familiar faces. Neighbors and fellow dog walkers like to chat or wave. Even the people working at local cafes/shops I frequent feel like friendly neighbors. I'd say Dune, Hugo's Tacos & Viet Noodle are go-to's for easy food. I'm also often popping into Jacknife Records or Alias Books for some inspirational browsing. 

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