• About A Space: Charlotte Wiesiolek's Cozy Bedroom

    Just outside of Hamburg, Germany, the home of 22-year-old student Charlotte Wiesiolek is the fall hideaway of our dreams: full of twinkly string lights and piled on textiles, join us on a tour of Charlotte’s space and get her tips for how to make your own place perfectly cozy.
    Photos by Moritz Peters

    Safe to say your place is pretty amazing: can you share more about it? 
    I live in the attic story of an old building, and I love the rustic feel of my place and the original wooden roof beams, which give me the chance to hang plants everywhere or pin stuff on the beams. Overall, it feels pretty unique living up here under the roof. I stick my head out of the side of my room and I can see for miles. Also I get to experience many amazing sunsets up here. 

    Can you share more about your daily life? What’s a typical day in the life like for you? 
    I get up pretty early in the morning - call me an early bird. There's something special about being the first one up. I live in a shared flat with two of my friends. Sometimes I work out in the morning and when I get back from the gym, we make coffee, sit in the kitchen, and all have breakfast together. After that I spend my day at University and enjoy a relaxed night in with my friends, roommates, or my boyfriend. Lüneburg is pretty small compared to where I grew up, but it's so aesthetically pleasing just to walk around the city. It's like walking through a fairytale: most of the buildings are very well preserved ever since they have been built in medieval times. 

    How do you describe your at-home style and decor aesthetic? What types of pieces are you drawn to? 
    I'm drawn to anything creative: I love interior design, fashion and art. That's why I enjoy combining colors and shapes in every kind of way. My room is filled with everything that's important to me, there's a lot of personal stuff up on the walls, like posters, photographs, and artwork. You will find old maps, a dreamcatcher and string lights next to my bed. I also burn candles in the fall and wintertime, which I have put in old gin bottles. Lots and lots and LOTS of plants are hanging from the ceiling or are on my desk. I really enjoy what plants do to a room. It feels like a little jungle. I like to combine old vintage pieces with new furniture. 

    How do you make a space feel more cozy in the fall/winter? 
    String lights (!), pillows, candles, and instead of one big light on the ceiling I use various sources of light. 

    We're having a lot of travel wanderlust looking at the landscape photos you share on Instagram. How do your surroundings influence your design aesthetic? 
    I love being out in the nature. Forest, rivers, mountains – I take something from all of them. I get inspired to put up plants, wooden furniture, and old globes. I love natural and soft colors, and you won't find anything neon or very bright in my room. I think it's so important to wake up in an environment that's able to calm you down and put you at ease. 

    My favorite object I own is...
    My bed. Best when covered with an elephant tapestry and lots of pillows. 

    Everyone should own...
    plants and several lamps or just different sources of lighting. It makes your place homey and cozy in just a second. 

    Do you have any collections?
    I collect memories and put them on my walls. Entering my room is kind of like getting to know me just by looking at postcards, feathers and artwork which I've displayed everywhere. It's very personal. 

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