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    Marcel Castenmiller's photographic perspective is one we're continually intrigued by; his casual observations and snapshots of NYC make us stop and look at things a little more carefully. We asked him to shoot a roll of film for us capturing 24 hours in his shoes — sushi, Ali Michael, cats, and notes on skyscrapers. Read on!

    "Bikes don't last long in any city, but this one lasted me over two years. Now, it's encountered a thief."

    "Ali hates soda and never drinks it. This day I asked her to take a sip."

    "Aether on the larger part of my mismatched box spring/mattress."

    "A building I had a meeting at, just a few blocks NE of Grand Central."

    "Ali dancing around to music while I was burning forest-scented incense."

    "Kaiju, our rescue kitten we got in the summer to be a playmate for our black cat."

    "Window watching."

    "Ali lives in a walk-up."

    "This car must look so plain to most people. I try to imagine how amazing it would look if I were from the 1920s. I can also imagine being from 2050 and looking at this car as a beautifully-designed machine of the past. I think it's important to appreciate the design of even the most ordinary of objects. The designs that work the best are sometimes underrated."

    "I love the NY subway; it's a strange cave to go in and out of."

    "Just when I thought NY had enough skyscrapers, you catch more and more going up. I love to photograph the construction sites, see them grow, and then photograph the building in its finished form."

    "I buy way too many gifts for Ali. This one was a chemical reaction kit that created a 'Mystical Garden.'"

    "Sake Masu."

    "One of the dishes I frequently order."

    "We befriended the sushi chef at our sushi spot and he almost always gifts us a special dish."

    "Sometimes when we go out for Sushi Ali likes to get Sake Masu. She almost always gets a little drunk and wants to kiss."

    "Neon lights are one of my favorite inventions. They create a very unique atmosphere and the experience around them is always memorable."

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