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    Ian Durkin
    's nature-filled photographs and short films will make you want to get outside and find adventure. With friends like Foster Huntington, he's no stranger to the great outdoors. We're constantly being inspired by his work, from the videos he's spent hours on to the music he's sharing on his Tumblr. Even just a few minutes on his site makes us want to learn how to skate and/or climb a mountain. Below, we take a look at some of the NYC-based videographer’s favorite work and what it’s like to live a day in his life.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    Tell us a little bit about yourself for those who may not know you.

    My name is Ian Durkin. I’m from the East Coast and currently reside in Brooklyn, New York. I take photos, make videos and work for the website Vimeo.

    Where are you currently?

    I’m just sitting at home at my kitchen table enjoying a snack.

    How did you get involved with Vimeo?

    I’ve been working at Vimeo for almost four years now. Before I worked at Vimeo, I would get so pumped to read comments from strangers around the world who liked the videos I was making up in Vermont. It was really encouraging and just seemed like a nice community and a fun place to work.

    What kind of things do you do there?

    I help choose the Staff Pick videos. So, I watch a bunch of videos every day and pick the best ones to feature.

    How did you get interested in film?

    I grew up being into all the action sports and was really inspired by all the films that came out every year. My favorite was Robot Food’s Afterlame. It showed snowboarding in such a fun, visually appealing way and was coupled with some spectacular tunes. Watching the film made you excited and it felt as special as being out on the hill with your friends. I wanted to make stuff that made people feel that way too.

    What about photography?

    I’ve always enjoyed documenting stuff I did with friends so that I could share it with other people. Just a snapshot to show some cool activities that we got up to or to make people laugh.

    Do you like both mediums equally or do you find yourself drawn to one over the other? Why?

    Photography is a lot less labor-intensive and casual for me, which I enjoy. You can fully partake in an activity and sneak some shots in and come away with some nice images, which rocks. When I shoot video, I feel the need to plan out the sequence of shots as they are happening and sort of do a live pre-edit in my head. So I’m always running around, which takes me out of the moment. But the pay-off of capturing moving images and being able to edit them together later to create stories is really fun. So for now, equally. Different occasions call for different mediums I think though.

    A lot of your film and stills are very outdoorsy. What are some of the coolest locations you’ve ever been to shoot?

    I was just out at my friend’s spot called The Cinder Cone. It’s a few tree houses and a skate bowl on top of a mountain in Washington. It’s an incredible place.

    Any dangerous shoots or near-accidents while out on the road filming?

    I can’t really recall any near accidents I've had while shooting. I’m sure there have been some. My sister reminded me the other day that when we were little I would appoint her as the cameraman and launch over her with my bike. I’m sure she considers those all “near-accidents”.

    What are the advantages to living in NYC as an artist? Disadvantages?

    Everyone’s always coming through NYC, so it’s a great place to meet interesting people. It’s tricky to leave though and parking here is a real pain in the butt.

    What advice would you give to young photographers out there?

    I've always liked what Ken Price said: "You don't have to act serious to be serious."

    Whose work are you into at the moment?

    I’ve recently been blown away by cinematographer/director Zack Spiger’s work. In the past year he’s released some beautiful videos.

    Can you tell us some things you’re currently obsessed with?

    I’ve been listening to this one track “Let Me Be The 1” by Miracle Fortress for the past month a whole lot. It’s a real nice tune to do some snaps with. The past few weeks I’ve been editing a video and that process always feels like it borders on obsessive behavior.

    Ian's favorite photos:

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