• About A Girl: Rima Vaidila

    You know Rima Vaidila. The 21-year-old minimalist style blogger is the definition of easy cool. From her fashion snaps to the snippets she posts of her daily life on Instagram, we're a big Rima fan and were excited to visit her on a sunny January day in LA. Born in Toronto and raised in Florida, Rima started modeling when she was 17 and moved to California three years ago to dip her toes into all the West Coast had to offer. Today, she plays multiple roles: blogging, modeling, styling, and consulting on social media. It's this mix of interests, she says, that fuels her — "It’s so hard for me to respond to the 'What’s your dream job?' question." To us, it seems like she's already figured out the answer.
    Photos by Chantal Anderson

    How did you first started blogging and sharing your style online? 
    I moved to LA a week after I graduated from my dually-enrolled high school program. I had both my my high school diploma and Associate Arts degree so my parents agreed to let me go and try it for a year. When I started blogging I was modeling full time and getting a little frustrated. As a model you don’t get to choose the outfits, hair, makeup, or the final photos so being able to control every aspect really excited me. I became the model, stylist, creative director, photo editor, graphic designer, pr girl, and social media director for my own brand….myself. I was just posting what I liked. Knowing that my personal taste and style inspires others is really all I could ask for. 

    What’s your daily uniform?
    I’m a total neutrals girl. My wardrobe is a sea of black, white, stripes, denim, and leather. Pretty sure there’s zero color…unless denim counts. My wardrobe staples are a variety of skinny jeans, black ankle boots, sneakers, sheer deep-v tees, lacey bralettes, oversized sweaters, lightweight button up tops, and denim or leather jackets. I feel most comfortable in the simplest outfits that work from day to night.

    What's a day in the life like for you? Can you walk us through your daily routine?
    Since I dabble in a variety of things, everyday is different. A typical day for me usually involves emails in bed, driving, castings, showroom appointments, driving, meetings for blog collaborations, emails, driving, and Pilates class. I also manage the social media and content for an LA-based clothing brand so I’m creating, curating, and posting content throughout the day as well. Somedays I’ll be in the studio or on location booked as the model or stylist. On weekends I shoot blog looks, head to my favorite farmers market, lounge around in comfy pants, and play on tumblr and Pinterest for hours. Although each day varies, there’s always a lot of iced coffee (with almond milk) involved. The quote “I just want to create stuff, drink coffee and sleep” is kind of my life.

    Tell us something we don’t know about blogging.
    It’s actually a ton of work. I probably spend about 30+ hours a week on blog-related things. Managing brand collaborations, meetings, showroom appointments, shooting content, editing, shmoozing with industry people, writing posts, emails, attending events, sharing content across all social platforms, more emails. I love everything about it so it doesn’t feel like work but It’s definitely a major undertaking. 

    Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself.
    I’ve never been to Europe.
    I hate the taste of frozen grapes.
    I was a pre-professional ballet dancer until I was 18. 

    What's an embarrassing fashion phase from your past?
    Ahhhhhh can we just pretend it didn’t happen? In high school my daily outfit was a tight, colored v-neck tee, denim short shorts, and leather flip flops. In my defense I did live in Florida but still...I can’t imagine wearing that seriously today. It’s funny how much style and taste change with age.

    Complete the sentence.
    Authentic is the new popular
    Style is... the easiest way to show people what you’re all about
    I always... wear things I’m comfortable in. That’s why I’m such a fan of basic pieces and keeping things simple.
    I never... wear neon. Never. I wish I could have said “I never say never,” but neon? Never.
    My secret weapon styling trick: black on black on blaaaaack. Easy and instant badass. Just make sure you LINT ROLL.

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