• About A Girl: Reese Redmond

    Go home for the holidays with Atlanta blogger and student Reese Redmond (@double3xposure), whose put-together-laid-back look is everything we’re about this season.
    Photos by Jennifer Grimm

    Above: Reese wears our Rainbow Co-op Sweater with BDG High-Rise Jeans

    Above: Reese wears a Calvin Klein sweatshirt and BDG High-Rise Jeans with Vanessa Mooney Earrings

    Can you introduce yourself? Tell us a bit more about who you are, what you do? 
    My name is Reese Blutstein. I am 20 years old and I attend university in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a daily style blogger, and I post pictures of my outfits pretty much everyday on Instagram and have been doing so for about two years now. I also run a blog where I go into more depth on the outfits I am wearing. 

    Where do you go “home” to for the holidays? Can you share any holiday season rituals that you look forward to? 
    I go home to Atlanta, Georgia where I have lived my whole life. My favorite holiday season ritual is just getting and decorating a tree! Also, every holiday my sisters and I go look at this house that is filled with probably 200 blow-up Christmas decorations, which is just a funny and fun sight to see.

    Above: Reese wears adidas Track Pants 

    What are some of your favorite things to wear when you’re home / relaxing? 
    During the winter time, I love wearing sweatshirts, loose pants, fuzzy socks, and maybe even a fuzzy robe if I am really cold. 

    What’s an ideal day-in-the-life when you’re home (with a weekend off and no agenda!)  Laying in bed with my dogs, drinking a cup of coffee while watching some YouTube videos, making a big breakfast (or going out to a yummy brunch), hitting up a few thrift shops, and going to a museum. 

    What are five other things you’ve been loving right now? 
    Gucci's recent campaign, any and everything dark green, fishnet socks, plaid suits, and LOQ shoes. 

    Above: Reese wears our Flutter-Sleeve Empire Waist Dress

    What’s your mantra or favorite quotation? 
    Honestly this is gonna sound so basic but my mantra is "you do you." I think it's the best way to step back and not let yourself judge someone. I will catch myself thinking something about someone and then say to myself —if that is what makes that person happy, I shouldn't even give it a thought. Everyone is just here doing their own thing and we shouldn't be so worried about what others are doing. 
    What are you most passionate about or proud of? 
    I am passionate about everything. I am a super passionate person, haha. I get overly excited about most things. I am proud of who I am today and what I have accomplished thus far but there is still SO much that I wish to accomplish. 

    Above: Reese wears our Flutter-Sleeve Empire Waist Dress

    What are some of your favorite things to cook/eat/drink when you’re gathering with friends or family? 
    I absolutely love to drink champagne. As for eating, when I am with friends or family I love a good charcuterie board. I also make seafood a lot. A favorite recipe is this one from the Barefoot Contessa for Mussels with Basil and Bread Crumbs. 

    What else are you looking forward to this season? 
    I am looking forward to traveling more! It is the most inspiring thing to do and you don't even have to buy an expensive plane ticket, you can just hop in your car and go to another state or city. 

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