• About a Girl: Mia Colona

    We’re always taking styling cues from New Yorker Mia Colona—find out how she’s wearing some of our new favorite dresses this summer.
    Photos by J. Ryan Ulsh

    Above: Satin midi dress, Superga sneakers 

    What are your plans this summer?
    I have a bit of international travel coming up, which I'm really looking forward to. Otherwise, I'm hoping to find some time for a weekend road trip with friends. Last summer, I spent some time upstate, and it was so beautiful. I love having the woods and the beach right at my fingertips. We would go to the beach during the day, then do bonfires in the woods at night. I have to get back there! 

    What do you like best about the summer in NYC?
    I feel like everyone tries to escape the city in the summer, but I don't mind embracing it. To me, an ideal summer night is having a glass of wine and grilling with friends on a rooftop, or having a picnic on the water at sunset. 

    Above: Veda mini dress, satin bomber jackettrapeze dressoversized jean jacket

    Let's talk summer wardrobe — can you share more about how you style slip dresses to wear and re-wear all season?
    I think the most important thing about getting dressed in the summer is keeping it easy. I gravitate toward dresses, especially in the summer, because you don't have to think about it too much. When I wore the Sadie dress, I kept things minimal...the main feature is the back detail, and I didn't want to distract from that. I loved the simplicity of that look, you can just pair it with a cozy tonal sweater and run out the door for an early morning coffee. 

    Another dress I've been wearing is the Veda mini dress, and styling it by playing up the sportiness, adding a baseball hat, a bomber jacket, and sneakers. 

    A longer, super soft flowy trapeze dress is perfect for running errands in the city. I paired it with an oversized jean jacket, french braids to keep my hair off my face, and a black choker for a bit of edge. 

    The tie-dye maxi dress was my favorite look.. I definitely appreciate a comfortable, versatile dress that can transition from day to night with the right accessories. I was heading out for the evening, so I dressed it up with chunky black sandals, stacked rings, and a vintage wrap necklace.

    What other pieces do you like to wear all summer? 
    I wear maxi skirts often for the same reason. I love how ethereal and floaty they look...you can appear dressed up with just flat strappy sandals and a simple silk tank. They're also a great way to extend your summer wardrobe because they work well with layers in the fall. Find a neutral color, like black or taupe, and a medium weight fabric... then it becomes a year-round closet staple.

    Above: tie-dye maxi dress

    What else are you loving right now?
    1. Being present in everything I do. Living in the moment.  
    2. Vintage denim. I can't recall the last time I actually bought a 'new' pair of jeans. 
    3. The band 'The Internet.' I recently discovered them and I can't stop listening to their album, "Ego Death." Syd's voice is so easy to listen to.. and the neo-soul, slightly psychedelic sounds are just right.
    4. Mont Saint-Michel. I'm dying to check this out!
    5. 7 Ages of Paris by Alistair Horne. I have France on my mind!
    6. Staying creatively inspired
    7. Jean Shrimpton. I love her style. She personifies everything cool about the 60s.
    8. Floral design, wildflowers, plant life in general
    9. Discovering new galleries in NYC. There's this one I love called Frost Gallery in Williamsburg. It's a nonprofit, and the curator is Ellis Gallagher, this amazing artist and graffiti writer...good vibes.
    10. Volkswagen Kombis. I've always wanted to go on a road trip with friends in one of those. I obsess over them—where we would go, what it would look like..

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