• About A Girl: Maris Berkowitz

    “I don’t enjoy assigning labels to myself. However, if I was going to choose a few they would be: artist (illustrator, photographer, painter, sculptor,) daughter, girlfriend, friend, model, traveler, swimmer, runner, yogi, tea enthusiast, rosé lover, fabulous sous chef, gardener, and a New York local.”

    We’re calling it now: keep an eye on Maris Berkowitz, because this smart and creative New York girl is going places. Raised between the Upper West Side of Manhattan and a lake house in West Hampton, Maris is a current FIT student, studying advertising, art history, and psychology. But in between, interests and talents are vast. We caught up with her at home in New York to discuss books, style icons, and go-to outfits.
    Photos by Clement Pascal

    Above: UNIF x UO Sweater, Ziggy Boyfriend Jean, Renee D'Orsay Flats

    Can you share more about your work — you do a lot of different types of creative projects. What’s on the front burner?
    I have an impulsive desire to create and a never ending curiosity which is reflected through the many different directions my creativity has taken me. I love to try different areas of the creative field, however I do not like to concentrate on one for too long.
    What are you most drawn to?

    It depends. I am drawn to different aspects for different reasons. In terms of illustration I am drawn to subjects that have a lot of graphic lines and manmade elements. In terms of people I am drawn to someone who is charismatic, has a great sense of adventure, and is full of life.

    What is your favorite medium to work in?
    It’s always changing. I have recently been working mainly as an illustrator with pen and ink on Bristol.
    What’s a future project you’re excited about?

    There are too many to name! I am always thinking of new things and right now some of these things include expanding my travel, cooking, and interview sections of my website, publishing a book (possibly a cookbook, a book of photography, or even both!), starting my own tea company, and volunteering much more.

    Any advice for being a student but also pursuing your own personal projects?
    Get good at planning ahead and scheduling things. School is important but you should be able to have time for things that bring joy to you and stimulate your creativity as well.
    How do you manage your time?
    I plan excessively, people think it's funny but I carry this little red Moleskine journal almost everywhere I go.  I drew a calendar in the back of it and leave the front blank for lists. I have tried to use mobile apps like Google calendar or iCal but my brain just doesn't comprehend it as easily as seeing it written down.
    What’s your dream job?

    Queen of the world would be great… but if I were to be realistic anything that involves art and allows me to be with the people I love (my family, my boyfriend, and my friends) is great for me!

    We love your recipe illustrations — can you share a new favorite recipe for late summer?
    I'm currently loving making ice pops. They are super easy, extremely refreshing, and perfect for entertaining. My favorite as of right now is for Rosé Pops! I made these for Memorial Day. Rosé is one of my favorite drinks, some of my close friends even call me the queen of Rose. All you have to do is pour Rose into an ice pop mold, pop in a little fresh fruit (such as blueberries or raspberries), let them harden in the fridge for about eight hours or overnight and then enjoy!
    My top 5 spots in New York City are…

    1. Central Park is number one! I live right next to the park and I am always astounded by how beautiful it is.
    2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have been going there my whole life and love everything about it. However, one specific collection that I love is the Persian apartments that have been recreated.
    3. Highlife. Highlife is this little bar and grill in my neighborhood on the Upper West Side that my family and I have been dining at ever since I was a child. The owners and staff know us well and we almost always order the same things. It’s a nice tradition and I have many fond memories of casual dinners that we have had here.
    4. Wollman Rink. It is such a wonderfully magical experience to go ice skating here on a crisp winter night.
    5. Lincoln Center. There are amazing performances here that I love going to as well as just walking through.

    Above: Scalloped Lace Bralette, Denim Skirt

    My go-to outfit is…I have this pair of jeans that I refuse to get rid of. They are the most comfortable pair of jeans I have ever owned and I have had them for way too long. They even have started to get a little hole on the left thigh but I think it adds more character. I usually wear them with a plain shirt and whatever shoes are appropriate for that day.
    Five things on my to-do list…
    Oh my god my to-do list is never ending and usually filled with a bunch of errands and ideas for feature projects.

    My style icon is…My mother. She is always wearing something  perfect for whatever occasion she is attending, never leaves the house without makeup, and taught me that comfort is the most important thing to consider while dressing (however it does not mean you have to sacrifice your style).
    The last thing I read…I read Time and New York magazine religiously, however I am currently reading Howl by Allen Ginsberg.
    I can’t stop listening to…My boyfriend and I share a Spotify account where we make each other different playlists. One that I am currently listening to a lot is the one we made for our recent road trip to Lake Tahoe for the Fourth of July.
    I am currently obsessed with…Traveling. I believe that it is the best way to gain new experiences and make you a more well-rounded person.
    My favorite possessions are…I try not to value material objects too much,  but I love my phone for what it can do.

    Last, taking cues from your own TALK section on your site:
    If you had one day left to live what would you do?

    Spend a sunny summer day at my lake house with everyone I love, a live band, great food, and a pill that will make me live forever.
    What’s your morning routine?
    A strong morning routine is the key to a successful day. Every morning I wake up, make my bed, brush my teeth, do some yoga, make breakfast and tea for my family and I, catch up on texts, emails and news, go for a run or a swim, get dressed, and then start my day!
    What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Pushing the limits, I almost always over-schedule and try to tackle too many things at once. Seize the day! I try to not let much make me feel guilty. A close friend of mine once told me that if something makes you happy then you should do it; life's too short to feel guilty.

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