• About A Girl: Lucia Zolea

    From piecing together handmade photography zines to mastering the art of thrift store shopping, Richmond-based student, artist, and all-around creative Lucia Zolea is our latest inspiration. We spent a day with her in Virginia to learn more about her current projects, style obsessions, and summer goals.
    Photos by Brian McDaniel

    Above: Wayward Sun Crop Top, Urban Renewal Denim Shorts

    Can you share a bit more about yourself?
    I'm a current student at Virginia Commonwealth University and am from Hampton, Virginia, which is a small town close to the beach. I’ve always loved being outside; it calms me like nothing else. In Richmond I am currently enjoying my summer days and dabbling in different projects: I recently got a sewing machine and have been making different types of clothing using linen. I am also working on a zine, which will feature images from four recent rolls of film. 

    What’s the idea behind it?
    It's titled FEEL and will be a collection of photos that focus on raw and pure moments of people, places, and things. When I photograph I always try to focus on a specific moment or feeling that I want to carry with me. When I look back on my photos I want to feel that same feeling that was there the moment I took the photo. Photography is as simple as that for me. It’s not about looking posed or having the perfect backdrop, it’s about savoring a moment that you want to look back on in its purest form.

    Here are a few images I tool that will be in the first zine:

    What’s your perfect summer day in Richmond? 
    A perfect summer day in Richmond would be waking up early in the morning and riding my bike through the quieter streets in the city. I have realized that in this city, there is nothing more beautiful than being up before the heat and commotion to have some time to enjoy the early moments of the morning. After that I would ride my bike over to Lamplighter coffee and get a latte and breakfast. Then I would call some friends and head down to either Pipeline or Texas Beach and spend the day swimming and laying out at the James River. 

    In the afternoon I have recently been going over to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and laying out on the lawn with friends or grabbing a book to read. For dinner my go-to is a restaurant called Kuba Kuba. It has the best Cuban food and has such a homey feel that I can’t get enough of. After dinner I would probably either meet up with friends and go out or head home and just relax and work on something. I am very fond of my time alone and feel off balance without it.   

    Above: Out From Under Savannah Romper, with Adidas Superstar sneakers and her own vintage oversized chambray top.

    Who are your favorite artists or photographers? Is there anyone emerging who you’re particularly excited about?
    I really love the photos from Chantal Anderson, Ana Kras, and Natassia Clucas, but there are also a lot of people in Richmond whose photography I enjoy. There are also so many emerging artists and photographers especially in Richmond that I am very excited to see what they come up with. 

    What’s your style uniform? 
    I would say my style uniform is always something simple. I always veer towards neutral colors. It’s funny but a good 70% of my closet is either cream or white. My go-to outfit in the summer would be a light wrap dress or linen pants with a tee. I will usually pair my outfits with a silver ring from my aunt that I never take off and a few vintage sterling silver pieces.

    Above: Rib Cropped Tank Top worn with a classic navy bandanaWhite Oak Romper; Adidas Superstar sneakers

    Whose closet would you want to raid?
    Ana Kras, hands down. I love how she pairs thrift/vintage with new. She will either mix patterns together or keep it simple. I can never find fault with anything that she wears. 

    Above: Out From Under Savannah Romper, with Adidas Superstar sneakers and her own vintage oversized chambray top.

    We're totally jealous of all your amazing thrift store/vintage scores. Can you offer some advice for being a better thrift store shopper? What’s your best-ever vintage score?
    Thank you! Well one thing I can say about thrifting is that you have to have patience and also be in the “thrifting mood.” Thrifting is not always the easiest shopping experience but I find it so enticing. 

    Some advice I would give is to go to the section of thrift stores where they just have loads of bins with clothes piled on them. It will take some digging, but I have found some of my favorite pieces in the bins in the back. Also another tip I would say is to try and find the potential in different items. Not all thrift items look exactly how I would like but I usually will alter things to make them into what I was looking for. I would say my best thrift find would have to be an old pair of Calvin Klein jeans; they just fit me perfectly. 

    Above: Rib Cropped Tank Top worn with a classic navy bandana;

    What are some clothing/styling trends you think are underrated?
    I really feel that simplicity is underrated. I think that sometimes people get lost in the flow of what’s different and edgy but don’t stop to think of the beauty in a plain white tee and a great pair of Levis. 

    What’s the last idea that got you really excited?
    My zine. Working on this zine has been very exciting and also keeps me creatively stimulated. It is so exciting to put out something that is wholly yours and that showcases a piece of yourself for everyone to see.  

    Above: Savannah romper;  Out From Under Savannah Romper, with Adidas Superstar sneakers 

    What day trips are on your summer to-do list?
    I really want to take a trip to Savannah, Georgia. I absolutely love the South and find it to be so romantic and unlike any place I’ve ever been to. I have been to Savannah once and fell in love. Not to mention they have the best pralines. 

    What was the last link you forwarded to a friend?
    I forwarded a link to an apartment I was looking at! I am currently on the hunt for a new apartment here in Richmond. It will be very exciting to decorate a new place and make it my own.

    What’s the last great thing you read? 
    The last thing I read was an article about Mari Giudicelli on Garmentory. The article focused on her fashion sense, which I adore, so I found myself loving it.   

    Above: Wayward Sun Crop TopUrban Renewal Denim Shorts

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