• About A Girl: Kourtney Jackson

    Los Angeles artist, photographer and art director Kourtney Jackson knows a thing or two about both juggling multiple projects…and finding time to relax in her own laid-back corner of the city. "The Hollywood glam thing never appealed to me," says Kourtney. A Southern California native, she grew up Dana Point, a coastal town 60 miles south of LA. Growing up, she remembers hearing her dad talk about the local gems hidden within the city streets — "The mystique of finding a unique eatery or cultural market really excited me. It was always a thrill when I got to go downtown with my dad and he'd take me to some hole in the wall with killer noodle dishes or something. Now I find myself frequenting those same places daily." This act of discovery, and of constantly seeking out new projects, is a theme in both Kourtney's life and creative process. We caught up with her on a rare day off to learn more about her daily life, personal style, artistic projects, and the opportunities that come from embracing the unknown.  
    Photos by Chantal Anderson

    Above: Sundays Sack Dress, Slouchy Crew Socks

    How did you first get started as an artist?
    Even from when I was little, doing creative things energized me. My parents were really supportive of my myriad of creative endeavors. I did all the creative things available to a suburban nineties kid, from choreographing a dance to "Who Let the Dogs Out," to sewing a cupcake-printed flannel nightgown. I was highly involved in the performing arts in high school, especially in vocal music, then chose to study visual arts in college at Biola University. That was when I really fell for Fine Art and committed to participate somehow in the contemporary art conversation.

    What art pieces or bigger projects are you working on now?
    Fine art related, I'm currently showing a few paintings in a little gallery in Pasadena and prepping to show some photo prints in a space in Fullerton. Design-wise, I'm designing a fun plant wall system and a capsule clothing collection. Photo-wise, I'm documenting my travels in Eastern Europe this month for some online and print features and shooting a Kinfolk event when I get back. I'm crazy, I know!

    Above: Urban Renewal Remade Culotte ShortsCrescent Beach Textile

    You wear a lot of creative hats! How do you juggle it all?
    I've found that a creative life waxes and wanes and the variety keeps things interesting for me. I like to think of my interests having their own seasons; some things are a consistent part of my practice, whereas other projects come and go. In this phase of life where I'm learning about myself as a young artist it's important to me to embrace many of the dynamic opportunities I'm given. 

    Can you walk us through a typical day in the life for you?
    A typical weekday for me starts with immediately replying to emails from bed (a terrible habit I've been meaning to break). Then I usually take my pup on a quick walk around the neighborhood. After that I enjoy throwing on a record and maybe some tea while I do my morning thing. I have a quick commute through Elysian Park to downtown and am typically working from around 10am - 7pm. 

    Above: COPE Gauzy Oversized Tee, Urban Renewal Levi's 501 Jeans

    What’s your ideal day at home? 
    My ideal day at home would definitely start with a slow morning. I might play a favorite record and do some casual reading. I love taking a late morning walk through my neighborhood to some favorite spots like Proof Bakery or Dune. When we're back at my space I almost always open the windows and door to let the fresh air in. I'll often then spend the afternoon painting or even let myself recoup from the week with a long nap. Naps are golden after a busy week.

    What hour of the day feels most “yours”?
    The only time of day that I actually consider having to myself is the hour before I go to sleep. I love to decompress from the day with some reading (currently finishing up Anna Karenina) or watching my fave...Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

    What’s your day-off style like?
    I'm a big fan of loungewear, day and night. And I'll be honest, sometimes that means I wake up and decide there's no reason to change outfits for the day. I mean, why have separate things assigned as "pajamas" and "day clothes" when you can use the same for both? I like to keep things pretty easy.

    Does your beauty routine change on a day off?
    Only that I might not do a thing! My typical beauty routine is pretty limited, so a day off usually means not doing anything at all. Except sunscreen, always sunscreen.

    Describe a dream Saturday or Sunday.
    I'd say a dream Saturday or Sunday would include a few hours in the sun at a quiet beach, a yummy fruit smoothie, Sufjan or Joni on repeat, and picnicking at the Autry for a community movie.

    What would you do if you had more free time?
    If I had more time I'd probably have my own little zoo of animal friends to take care of and I'd definitely make more paintings! I also might do things I've been meaning to do, like start shooting medium format film or take classical voice lessons.

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