• About A Girl: Karina Fontes

    Meet Karina Fontes, Venice local by way of Brazil whose perspective and style are the perfect blend of California with a well-traveled edge. We caught up with Karina for a day in the life and an inspiring conversation about forging your own path, surrounding yourself with good people, and the value that comes from never taking yourself too seriously.
    Photos by Chantal Anderson

    Above: Urban Renewal jumper, Turtleneck Sweater, Suede Boots

    Your family is from Brazil, but you grew up in LA...can you share a little more about your childhood and what's led you to what you're doing now? 
    Both of my parents migrated from Brazil in 1989 and I was born three years later. I go back every year since my entire family lives there — it's my home away from home. Growing up in Venice with foreign parents definitely forced me to grow up quickly and create my own independent path. That has manifested in great ways; exploring different creative fields, experiencing various groups of people, and traveling to new places. I have learned to have an open mind, to constantly check in with myself, to be aware, to push boundaries, and to never take myself too seriously. I am constantly surrounded by stimulating people and environments because I'm the kind of person who can't be content with staying in one place. I move through life feeling inspired and enjoy seeing where that feeling takes me. 

    What were you like growing up?
    When I was in high school, I was really into punk shows, driving to different city views and looking at LA from the outside. I got a fake ID when I turned 16  — I took my moms old ID from Brazil and made myself a version that got me where I needed to go. It was hilarious because there was one time where I had a bouncer speak to me in Portuguese, luckily I was prepared! I wasn't the kid in school who always had it easy. Portuguese is my first language and I grew up in a community where being loud was a good way to express emotions. So being shy was never an option.

    What are you working on now?
    I'm excited about a blog I'm creating that will be an online community and outlet to share the people and things that inspire me the most. Stay tuned...
    What’s your dream job?
    I've always wanted to work with Wes Anderson and Lars Von Trier. I love getting lost in their worlds and being immersed in their film's eccentricity and subdued sexuality. Maybe one day that can be a reality.

    My top 5 spots in LA are… 
    1. Barnsdall Art park. It's the best place to picnic with friends, take a really good nap under the sun, or impress a cute boy. 
    2. Del Vaz projects. My best friend Jay Ezra recently opened his own gallery in his apartment. Artists that have been featured include Max Hooper Schneider and Natalie Jones, both favorites of mine. 
    3. The Dresden. One of my favorite bars. Everytime I sit In the white booths I feeI like I'm in a time warp. Marty and Elayne (who have performed there for two decades) are gems. 
    4. Smogcutter. I love the grittyness of this gem. I'm addicted to karaoke: I feel like it's such a great way to shake off that funk, and I love how it brings people together.  
    5. Filthmart. One of my favorite vintage spots to score amazing tees!

    My go-to outfit is… usually denim, a vintage blouse, and a good pair of shoes.

    Five things on my to-do list…Ah there are so many things! It's usually a messy list compiled of places/restaurants to visit, errands, dreams I've had, and ideas.

    My style icons are...Jane Birkin, Veruschka, Anjelica Huston, Lauren Hutton, and my mom who never wears makeup and who I have stolen oodles of clothing from. Sorry mom!

    I’m inspired by…Friends, being out of my own element, romantic lovers, films, showers, walks, travels, making myself laugh, and being in my home country. 

    The last thing I read…F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned 

    I can’t stop listening to...
    Astrud Gilberto 
    Alessi brothers
    Chico Boraque
    The Tyde
    The Beach Boys 

    I am currently obsessed with…Moroccan culture 

    I can’t live without...Laughter, good tequila, and Donna Summer on vinyl. 

    What’s your morning routine?
    Make coffee because I'm useless without it, put on a record, wash my face and brush my teeth. Catch up on texts and emails I've been neglecting. Go for a walk or do some yoga at home if I have enough time. 

    What’s your guilty pleasure?
    Thrice cooked chips from The Pikey. 

    What makes you the happiest?
    Being around people who make me laugh. The beach, my friends, and remembering the Universe is always evolving.