• About A Girl: Kalysse Anthony

    We’re cruising Brooklyn with our new girl crush Kalysse Anthony, whose easy summer style is the definition of laid-back cool. Get to know Kalysse as we hang out with her for the day at some of her favorite NYC haunts.
    Photos by Stef Mitchell

    Above: Alice & UO Betty Cropped Shirt, Black Midi Skirt 

    What’s a ideal day-in-the-life for you like? 
    Well if I'm not working a job, I would sleep in as late as the hectic sounds of NYC allow me to! Then, I'll go to my local coffee shop or bodega for a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. After that, head to an exhibit/museum, do a little shopping in SoHo, grab 2 slices of pizza, then hangout on the Highline or in DUMBO to catch the sunset.  

    How do you think living in NYC influences your style?
    Simply because of the fact that it's such a fast-paced environment, it feels like NYC is always the first to get on new styles and trends. There is so much diversity here, it's such a mix of cultures and aesthetics. It's so easy for me to be influenced and inspired by all the beauty here. 

    What’s one item of clothing that you wear over and over?
    I've been wearing my black culottes a lot. Perfect for this weather because they're so flowy and breathable. I think they look great with sandals or a low-top sneaker.

    Above: Cropped tank, BDG Jeans

    We saw you posting a lot of sneakers on Instagram. Is there any holy grail sneaker you’ve wanted that you haven’t been able to get your hands on? Favorite pair you currently own? 
    I've been holding back from buying more sneakers within the last month or so, however I've had my eyes on Patrick Mohrs. Preferably all black, but the green colorway that was recently released were really nice too. My favorite pair that I currently own are my camo red Vans-style Bape sneakers. They're perfect for my everyday city life. 

    Is there anything in your closet that you don’t wear anymore but you’ve held onto for nostalgic reasons?
    There's a bin of older sneakers I wore in high school, mainly Jordans and Nikes. I've been wanting to get them off my hands for a while but my friend convinced me to keep them, especially since they're still in great shape. Plus sneakers are like wine, the longer you have them the more they're worth.

    What’s one thing you’d like people to know about you? 
    Based off people's first impressions of me, and before a conversation they always assume I'm completely shy, mellow, and laid-back (which describes me about 40% of the time). Then bam..I'm literally the biggest outgoing goofball. Whether I'm home or on a job I'm most likely cracking jokes or busting out dance moves. I'm a Cancer, so one minute I'm chill the next I'm not. It's quite funny but, I just like to spread good energy and keep the vibes lit. Growing up my family always said I should be an entertainer or comedian; it's just in my nature to act silly and not take life too seriously. 

    Above: Calvin Klein tee

    My top 5 spots in the city are…
    1. Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
    2. Ippudo for the best ramen and buns! 
    4. Dumbo in Brooklyn, for a beautiful view. There's also some great food in the area. 
    5. Prince Street Pizza for a mouth-watering pepperoni Sicilian or Emily's in Brooklyn. I die for the pepperoni, jalapeño,and honey brick-oven pie. 

    I’m currently working on…
    Creating my own blog. I don't want it to be cliché, so I'm really trying to brainstorm how I'm going to make it unique, relatable, and interesting to my generation. I spend a lot of time around people who create. One of my best friends is a photographer, the other is an R&B singer/songwriter, and my boyfriend is a music producer/artist. So I really want to incorporate them, especially since I spend a lot of time on set, in the studio and on tour with them. So overall it would be a mix of music, travels, fashion, and my career.

    My personal style is…
    It's a mix of minimalist x modern x street wear. I'm pretty skilled at switching things up. What I wear or how I wear it really depends on my mood. One day I could be super girly and the next I'm serving tomboy vibes.

    My go-to outfit is…
    Well on an "off day" sneakers, boyfriend jeans, a graphic tee, bomber, and some hoops. 
    Otherwise it's probably my leather moto jacket, a symmetrical cut top, and culotte pants with ankle boots.

    Five things on my to-do list…
    1. Find a new apartment 
    2. Sign with an agency here in NY
    3. Customize my own fixie bike. 
    4. Get a pair of glasses
    5. Book another vacation. I just came back from celebrating my 21st birthday in Cabo, Mexico. I never want to be away from a beach again. 

    My style icons are…
    I really love Solange, she's redefined beauty to me. Her style just seems so authentic and refreshing. Our look is very relatable, so that's where I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from. I also have a huge style crush on Blogger Aleali May, she has the perfect sense of street and high-end style. 

    The last thing I read…
    Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, great read. 

    I can’t stop listening to…
    The new Future album DS2. In the morning while in the shower, blasting in my headphones on the subway, or in a party...it's been on rotation.

    I am currently obsessed with…
    Coconut oil: cook with it, put it in my hair, on my skin. Heaven sent! 

    A dream project is…
    Spending time overseas, where it's work and play, so that I can still explore. I've never been out the country for a gig before, so just being able to do that would be fun. Or I'd love to do a travel documentary or short film series. 

    My favorite possessions are..
    My Instax camera, my collection of kicks, varsity, and leather jackets. 

    I can’t live without…
    Fruit! I consume it with every meal within the day. After savory I have to have something sweet. Especially in the summer: juicing, smoothies, fruit salads...it's literally a necessity.

    I am passionate about…
    I'm passionate about most things I do. I'm a type of person that puts all there dedication, energy and love into things I care about. My family, boyfriend, friends, work, my life, spirituality, etc. I think that's important. 

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