• About A Girl: Jess Hannah

    Glitter, balloons, and champagne, please: we’re counting down the end of 2015 with Jess Hannah — see how she celebrates and what’s she’s wearing to ring in the new year.
    Photos by Tyler Thomas

    What’s your New Year’s Eve strategy? 
    In the past I've been known to fall asleep waaaaaaay before the ball drops, but this year I actually plan to be awake so I guess that's a strategy in itself. There can be a lot of hype around New Years Eve, this year I plan to skip out on paying seventy-whatever dollars for an event that I only know two people at and opt for a pleasant night at home filled with friends, champagne and hopefully confetti.

    Your style is typically more pared back…what are your top 5 suggestions for getting a little more fancy while still staying true to your own style?
    For all you casual dressers out there looking to snazz it up a bit I suggest the following:
    1. Material is key. A typical T-shirt is not fancy... but a SILK one? Instant fancy. Opt for casual silhouettes in luxe fabrics to keep things party appropriate.
    2. Wear heels. I go for a nice low-ish one or a block heel.
    3. Accessorize. Pile on some gold jewelz.
    4. Spice up your makeup. I don't usually wear much make up but for something special I'll add a lil cat eye.
    5. Get a fun mani

    What have been your favorite things this year? Songs, films, etc.?
    This is a tough one. I'm really trying to think about the whole year and not just lately. Taylor Swift's 1989 has definitely played a big role considering I know all of the words to every song. Pop is not my usual go to jam but theres just something about Tay...I want to be her best friend. I'm also a big Tame Impala fan, so theres that. As for movies, I honestly find it hard to make time to go to the movies between work and spending my free time binge watching TV shows. Some of my faves are Transparent, How To Get Away With Murder, Peeky Blinders, and MANY more.

    Other things that have defined your year?
    1. I moved to LA at the beginning of the year so that was a pretty defining moment. This has been a really big year for me. I started my jewelry line and blog in mid 2014, so this year it finally felt like things were coming together and that I made the right decision to take that route.
    2. I adopted my second fur child. So now I have not one, but TWO kitties that sit on my desk while I'm working.
    Jan. 1 is for….

    What are you most looking forward to in 2016?
    I have a lot of plans for my jewelry line and blog that I am excited to get started on! For my blog, I want to take a different approach and focus less on me, sort of sick of talking about myself.  I've become much more interested in hearing what other people have to say. I want to interview all of the badass women I have met in the fashion industry as well as friends who are doing cool stuff in other fields... and that's just part of it. Stay tuned!

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