• About A Girl: Gabrielle Lacasse of Dentelle + Fleurs

    We can’t help but be intrigued by Canadian blogger Gabrielle Lacasse: the fashion blogger infuses a point of view into her minimalist aesthetic, not only sharing her personal style but also the elements, ideas, and spirit behind what she’s wearing and what inspired it. In fact, we are so smitten with Gabrielle and Dentelle + Fleurs (which, by the way, translates to “lace + flowers” for all you non-French speakers) that for the second stop on our UO Road Trip, we teamed up with her to throw a giant party for the grand opening of our brand-new Halifax store! Leading up to it all, come hang out with us in Canada to learn more about Gabrielle’s style, advice for new bloggers, and her top road tripping essentials.

    Here’s a secret we’ve learned from talking with some of the biggest bloggers out there: most of them didn’t know what they were doing when they got started. Gabrielle’s story is the same — five years ago, she was living in her parents’ basement and on a whim started posting tidbits about style, daily outfits, beauty, and creative inspiration. Totally hooked, she kept going (and her readership kept growing) until — flash forward to today — blogging is a full-time job. Her online hobby has come off the screen and allowed her to work with people all over the world… and meet them in real-life, too. “I’ve met so many people through the years via the blogging community and Instagram,” she says. “I’ve met some of my best friends over the Internet. When you share common interests, it doesn’t matter where you live.”

    At the same time, we love how so much of Gabrielle’s style and identity is rooted in being Canadian, with an aesthetic that references her French-Canadian upbringing and (let’s be real) their crazy-cold winters, which have made Gabrielle a master in the art of layering. “Here you face winter six months a year — and this isn’t 'cute' winter,” she explains, “No style can be shown under your parka, three scarves, and snow boots.” Instead, she has to get inventive and stay inspired, finding new ways to still mix up dressing despite the elements.

    Where does the name “Dentelle + Fleurs” come from?
    I have always been a little romantic. At the time, I was wearing lots of flower patterns and vintage dresses, so it was suiting my style also.

    Can you walk us through a typical day in the life?
    I wake up at around 8, eat a banana, and make coffee. Then, I answer emails and post an Instagram while drinking my coffee. After this, nothing is the same. Some days, I am not leaving the house and I stay on my computer, without any makeup on. On another day, I need to go shopping for a styling job and attend an event and another event. I can also take pictures for clients or for my blog, have a meeting, etc. This is exactly what I love about being a freelancer - my days are never, ever the same.

    If you want to blog, you have to be a geek! Being a blogger means managing a business where you play all the roles. One day isn’t just about dressing up and snapping pictures of breakfast. It's more about working super hard behind a computer…and most of the time I end up doing it in my pajamas.

    Can you share the story behind a few of your favorite Instagram photos?
    See above! On the left, The cabs were actually at the red light, I went in the middle of the street and we snapped this picture really quickly. The light turned green and I ran off to the sidewalk. Poor cab drivers.

    On the right, every Saturday, the boyfriend and I eat a similar breakfast like this one, because it's our favorite way to start the day. Thing is, I always have to beg him to let me take a picture first, because he is too hungry and doesn’t want to wait.

    Can you suggest someone we should be following on Instagram that we might not know about?
    @alwaysjudging is one of my favorites, and @sylvieli is a photographer from Montreal and has such great aesthetic.

    What’s the secret to taking better Instagram photos?
    To not use Instagram! Ha! I never use any Instagram filters or the Instagram camera itself. I use other applications to take the pictures, then add brightness and put my usual filter (I highly recommend VSCO if you have not been using it). Make sure you capture something beautiful, fun, or creative too. Oh, and no pictures at night!

    What are your road trip essentials?
    -Snacks (Ketchup chips, celery, energy balls with proteins and lots of coffee (not mixed all together). I also like to stop for a popsicle when I can).
    -Comfy clothes
    -My favorite hat
    -A Polaroid camera

    What's on your traveling playlist?
    1. The Do - "Despair, Hangover and Ecstasy" 
    2. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Multi-Love"
    3. Las Aves - "Los Angeles"
    4. Drake - "Shot It Down"
    5. Alaclair Ensemble - "Jean-Claude Van Damme"

    What's the best road trip you've ever been on?
    Some friends and I drove to NYC for fashion week last February, which is a six-hour drive from our home. We listened to the same song the whole time, "Take Me To Church" (by Hozier), and I cannot hear this song without thinking about this little road trip anymore. To be honest, this song now drives me a little nuts...

    What's the route on your dream road trip?
    I would definitely love to cross Canada and then head south to California. I would need to stop in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, see the mountains in Fernie, and then head south to San Francisco, LA, and Palm Springs.

    Can you describe your personal style in three words, please?
    Simple, layered, versatile!

    How has your style changed over the years?
    I feel like I change style every day: sometimes I am very minimal, other time I wear bright colors and sneakers. Fashion is playful and I definitely feel like you should wear what you feel like wearing.

    With the above in mind, what’s a current trend that you’re currently digging (or into reinterpreting into your own style)?
    The '70s: mini skirts, flares, and patterns. Love it all!

    What do you wear when you have nothing to wear?
    Boyfriend jeans with an over-sized white shirt.

    Hey Halifax! Come meet Gabrielle IRL (and hang out with us too!) at the special dress pop-up shop she'll be curating for the grand opening of our new store on Barrington Street!

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