• About a Girl: Emily Rose Theobald

    Stylist, photographer, vintage clothing obsessee: we love seeing how Emily Rose Theobald sees the world, whether it’s through her dreamy film photos or through the snippets of her daily Brooklyn life she shares on Instagram. Get to know her here during our day in the life.
    Photos by Anna Ottum

    Above: vintage Levis, Ella Blouse, Panama hat, Urban Renewal drape sweater

    Who is Emily Theobald?
    Well, I grew up on Long Island just about and hour outside of the city, and moved to Brooklyn 4 years ago. I have always been a creator, and that list is always growing and changing depending on the people I meet and the opportunities placed in front of me. I am a vintage clothing lover (hoarder), stylist, photographer, illustrator, model, optimist, and a free thinker. I don't do just one thing, and I don't think a job has to define you. I find most of my inspiration and fulfillment when I get to collaborate and create with other people. Whatever it is I am doing, as long as I am happy and creating something beautiful and lasting it is the right thing for me. I am a very nostalgic person, so I want to leave behind something of substance that can last through time. I am a dreamer of a Sagittarian if there ever was one!

    Describe your path to doing what you’re doing now — were you constantly creating growing up or did you come into it later? 
    My parents are both artists, especially my dad. So I great up with pretty much any and all creative tools around me. My dad was a real jack of all trades so I had anything you could imagine at my disposal. I always knew I wanted to do something creative. From about the age of 12 I got it in my head that I was going to be a fashion designer one day! And I felt that way all the way up until finishing my design degree at FIT. Then I thought maybe I wanted to style or work for a magazine. At that point I became a bit disenchanted with mainstream fashion though, and turned to fashion blogging and the other awesome women doing it for inspiration. Everything I do today really grew from that. We created this DIY side to it where if you had the talent and a vision you could make a place for yourself without having to jump through all the hoops. I found it to be a lot more genuine and inspiring. 

    You do a lot of different things! What all are you working on right now?
    Haha, yes, like father like daughter! Well, I continue to freelance style lookbooks and editorials. I do a lot of combination style/model for shoots which I really enjoy. I was trying to get away from it for a while because I thought it was to much ME, but I know I like doing it. I am Fashion Director for Golly Magazine, a print mag that I had the luck of being brought onto in the early stages. Two friends started it because they felt there was a void in women's publications that needed to be filled. It's awesome being a part of creating something from the ground up! We are currently working on our third issue. I am also a photographer, I shoot 35mm film and I try to carry around a camera with me wherever I go. I also draw, usually from life, and I also like to collage.

    Lately I've been inspired by...
    The open road for sure. I went on a road trip to West Texas and New Mexico with a few friends in May and I have been dreaming about more since then. There is just so much of this country I have not seen and I want to get out there and photograph it! The free the nipple movement, along with just a lot of body positivity in the air has been really inspiring. I have always been a big advocate for not fearing the body you life in, and it seems a lot more people are getting on board. The change in the seasons is always something to look forward to. It inspires change in yourself and a lot of reflection. 

    Do you have a daily routine? 
    I usually wake up with the sun, I have a crazy internal alarm clock that just gets me up when the sun starts rising. Which isn't all too bad cause I catch some really pretty colors in the sky. Make my bed, make myself some breakfast, each day is pretty different for me, but I'll usually get on my bike and head wherever that one in particular is taking me. I try to write in my journal everyday if I can. I like the idea of having something to red back on one day. I can't say I have too much of a routine that I stick too, but these things are pretty usual for me. 

    What’s your daily uniform?
    Gosh, I would say my style is forever changing. But I certainly always settle back into a 70s vibe no matter what. I think high-waisted flares, some clogs, and a vintage tee or some kind of peasant top is for sure a go to. Or some kind of flowing dress with a good print. I nearly always wear vintage; there is something to be said about clothing that can last for that long and always come back in style. I like looking at clothing as an art form, my most obvious way of self expression. So...depending on how I am feeling or where I am going will really decide what I put on my body that day. I like to tell a story with what I hear, and turn heads if I can. I like to pull some kind of emotion out of people when they see me. 

    Describe your style in 4 words.
    Chill Funky Retro Hippy

    The best advice I’ve been given is…
    Everything happens for a reason, and there are no mistakes.

    Above: Ella Blouse, Button-Front Corduroy Skirt

    Something few people know about me is…
    I grew up in the same house my mother grew up in. And in the early 60's when the Long Island Expressway was being built, they picked up my house from where it originally sat and moved it down the street to where it is now because it was smack in the middle of where it was going! It's a pretty wild idea, I love having that bit of history behind where I am from. 

    Who are some of your favorite artists?
    Egon Schiele, Man Ray, Matisse, Maxfield Parrish, Alphonse Mucha

    The best thing I’ve discovered lately in Brooklyn is…
    Gosh, I think just all the little nooks and crannies that are soon to be knocked down and turned into other things. I love going around and photographing building that I think are going to be gone soon. Sometimes you just pass them by because this city is so distracting, But I notice things like that. And once they are gone, I will have some documentation of what was there before. 

    The last great book I read was…
    I have been trying to read The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion for over a year now. It has been a bit hard to get through. It was given to me as a gift last year after my father passed away, and so for obvious reasons things hit a bit close to home. It's a beautiful book, about loss and life after losing a loved one. "Life changes fast. Life changes in the instant. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends."

    The last great film I saw was…
    This great documentary called "Rubble Kings," about all the gangs that popped up in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan at the end of the 60s into the 70s. It was a time when the city was in a state of utter despair. These kids turned to each other for support...It is an amazing period in time, and started a lot of group activism for kids on the streets...I am really fascinated with NYC history, especially that time period when the city was in shambles. 

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