• About a Girl: Caitlyn Warakomski

    Caitlyn Warakomski can rock everything from beat-up jeans to delicate lace dresses – but she's most comfortable in sneakers and tees. We chat with Caitlyn, the mind behind the blog How Do You Wear That, about her favorite comfort pieces.
    Photos by Connor Warakomski

    Hi Caitlyn! Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you're from. What was your upbringing like? How do you feel it shaped the way you are today?  
    My upbringing was pretty "normal", I guess you could say. I grew up in a small town in NJ halfway between Philly and NYC (1 hour from each) and 30 minutes from the beach, a pretty ideal spot. Ever since I was old enough to have working papers, I've had a job. Whatever that job was, (summer camp counselor, waitress at a local pizzeria, beverage cart girl at a golf course, etc.) I always gave 100% and wanted to do my job as well as I could. I'd like to think that I'm a hard worker and I believe that you should take pride in your work, whatever it is.

    Growing up, I would always go to thrift stores on the weekends with my mom. I'd find these really cool pieces in vibrant boho fabrics and while a particular piece might not even fit me, I would still get it anyway because I envisioned how I could "make it work." For example, I once made a maxi skirt (that looked like you would seriously find it in your great-great-great grandmother's closet) that was wayyyy too long into a strapless dress with some strappy sandals and a leather belt to cinch the waist, all for under $7.00.

    That's when I realized I really enjoyed styling things and putting together different outfits. I always say I like style more rather than fashion. Some people may think those two words are interchangeable, but not to me. I really like styling anything - whether it be my outfit, a space, event, website, etc.

    Tell us a little bit about your blog – how did it begin? Where did the name come from? 
    I started my blog in June 2015 so I've been at it for a little over a year. Full disclosure: I started it because I was laid off from my full-time position (it was seasonal) and I wanted to do something that encompassed style, photography, clothes etc. I've always wanted to start a style blog but I never really had the guts to do it. Being laid off ended up being a blessing in disguise, because with all that free time I finally bit the bullet and began putting it out there. True story: I actually attempted to start this blog twice in the past before this last time when I really put it out there. Before that, it just didn't feel right and I never liked how I looked in the photos or how anything came out.

    As for the name, my cousin and I stumbled upon it over a glass (or 3) of wine. I was telling her how my roommates in college would always ask me, "I don't get it, how do you wear that? I don't think I could ever wear that..." I never thought much of it, but as we found ourselves going nuts trying to come up with a name, we both realized that it was the most perfect name for what I wanted to do.

    What's been the best part about running a successful blog? The hardest? 
    Oh man, well thank you for calling it successful! For me, the best part has been finally discovering something that encompasses everything I genuinely love to do and something that I was always searching for in a career: photography, styling, clothes, website design and writing. It's literally perfect and it gets me so excited when I really sit and think about it.

    You have a classic style, but you're not afraid to try out trends. How would you describe your own style? 
    Hm... I would describe my style as a bit of boho/beachy, classic, a tad rock 'n roll and slightly European with a touch of funkiness. Reading back, I don't think that makes sense, but it really depends on my mood and the season!

    What items are you ALWAYS drawn to, no matter what?
    I am ALWAYS drawn to stripes, for sure. Denim, hands down. Strappy sandals, always. White tees (all the damn time) make you look effortlessly cool, especially if you have a good tan. Actually, anything white - I love white dresses too. Oh! And pretty much anything oversized and chiffon. 

    Do you have a favorite piece in your closet right now? If so, what are some different ways you wear/accessorize it? 
    Favorite pieces are definitely denim shorts, my high-rise mom jeans and my rainbow strappy sandals!

    Can you pick 3 items from the UO website to make an outfit you love?
    1. Levis 501 Denim Shorts 
    2. Ribbed Body Suit 
    3. Dolce Vita Booties 

    I love this outfit because it is simple and comfortable, plus it gives you room to really have fun with accessories and stylizing it to really fit your own personality. I love to wear it with something tied around my waist and a neck scarf or bandana.

    Any tips for someone out there looking to take amazing style photos? 
    Try to find a simple location or background. Too much in the background can make the outfit get lost in the photo. Also - lightening is KEY. Try looking for more shadow-y areas that has a good natural light source coming from the front of you. It is trial and error, and you just have to play around! Don't think too much about it and just try to be confident. If you aren't, it will show through your body language in the photos and you aren't going to like how they turn out! When I am feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, I always opt for sitting down, because it is more relaxed and natural.

    What's one thing you're looking forward to this summer? 
    I am honestly just looking forward to the awesome weather, summer nights with friends, spending a bunch of time hanging and eating dinner outside and all the summer sun dresses!

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